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Why is Facebook LIKE Your Garden?

April 27, 2012

The Organic Garden and the Organic Facebook Page

Garden – Before any flowers or vegetables will grow in your garden you will need to corner off an area and bring in soil – yes a little work is ahead for you

Facebook – Before anyone can follow you, you will need to create a Business Page with professional photos. 1. Beautiful cover Image 2. One business profile image

Garden – Now you’ll need to decide what you want to grow, and then plant the seeds

Facebook – You’ll need to decide what you’re going to speak about or post in your status update (Niche)

Garden – The ground will dry up fast so don’t forget to water, and pull those weeds

Facebook – It is essential that a business page looks for other like-minded business pages to LIKE and then talks to those businesses in their comment section after a post

Garden – I don’t know of many things that will grow without sunlight…let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Facebook – When people or businesses talk to you, make sure you acknowledge their presence, and say something back…this is known as engagement and this will grow you’re talking about.

Garden – If you pick the flowers or vegetables more will grow and all you need to do is Repeat – Repeat – Repeat

Facebook – If you schedule your Facebook time everyday or two, it will become a habit… a little post, a little chat with your followers and then head over to your business news feed and chat it up with other businesses… Repeat – Repeat – Repeat

It seems pretty simple and sometimes we tend to make it more than it really is, because we are entering unfamiliar territory. Take your time and smell the flowers… nurture your new community and it will grow. Be honest, have fun and stay you ♥

Keep It – Light – Bright & Polite – Josh Ochs


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