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How To Increase Your Engagement on Facebook with Referrals

May 8, 2012

Known Facts

  • Best days to posts Thur/Fri/Sunday “Mothers Day – Christmas – Thanks Giving”
  • Post every three – four hours
  • Never double post
  • Never post the same information on your Business Page as you put on your Personal Profile
  • Pictures are better than video
  • Video is better than Links
  • Make my heart sing – tell me something I do Not know (Edu-Tain)
  • Sharing a post is the biggest complement
  • Commenting on a post will send your business card
  • Liking is better than doing nothing
  • You create cross-pollination through the people who LIKE your page
  • You MUST spend time in your news feed
  • If no one is “Talking About” your page – your posts are falling on deaf ears
  • Always talk to the people who spend time on your page – think Chamber of Commerce luncheon!!!!!!

An Idea Worth Considering 

If Facebook is a place for caring and sharing I have two rules that I try to remember before posting… Find a way to thank a person or business for all their support by using the @Coast Realty Powell River…. which is known as a mention. Just doing this simple @ symbol not only helps your page with engagement possibilities but it also helps the @mention(ed)… You must have LIKED their Business Page for it to work, and it does not always work… don’t get frustrated try a different approach, and NEVER give up….

Here is the second idea which is really a lot of FUN… Try working together with another department or even supplier to run a contest or share valuable information…

For example if you were a Realtor – Florist – Boutique Wine Store – Spa – Farmers Market… anything really… help each other by working together on each others pages… run contests together… give tips that complement one another and give away a prize once a mouth… the cost is affordable when it is a team effort…

  • Write a small blog about your fabulous department
  • Tell us the company’s secret to success
  • Add a photo album of your department and team…
  • Tell us what your proud of
  • Who is the employee of the month and why
  • Top appetizer of the week – best lunch bucket
  • Best wine under $20 (according to the local experts and then ask them)
  • Host a Facebook party at a local winery and invite all your FANS!!!

  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Favorite company photos…run a local photo contest….

You see the ideas are endless and we just need to step outside the box… don’t throw the box away…recycle it with the LOVE of referrals and compliments …and always give a helping hand where you can…

Here is a bonus tip: the more the pages you follow understand how to use Facebook to gain the most exposure the better off you are following them… Get out there and hold some hands ♥

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