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How To Get People To LIKE Your Business Page on Facebook

April 21, 2012

Funny and yet brilliant thing about your Facebook Business page, is you can only LIKE other business pages, as a business page you cannot LIKE people, and the goal of your business page is to get people to LIKE your page… I do not recommend Facebook’s suggestions where you hand over your valuable e-mail lists that have taken you years to collect, but instead find a more creative way to do the same task…It’s really a Catch 22

Ideas for getting people to LIKE your Business Page

  • Do your own e-mail campaign
  • Remember the ps – Have you got a business page we could LIKE?
  • At your open house, hand out little pieces of paper with your vanity URL
  • Put Your Page Name on Your Business Cards
  • Add a LINKED Facebook icon to your e-mail signature
  • Put  Follow Me with your Vanity URL on your vehicle
  • Add it to your store front window
  • News Letter
  • All promotional material
  • Use the “Invite Friends” search on Facebook Build Audience
  •  Install a LIKE button on your website
  • Connect your Facebook Page to Twitter – not the other way
  • Run a contest
  • Donate $1 to a local charity with every LIKE
  • Connect your Business Page in the Work & Education section of your personal profile on Facebook
  • Add a LINK in Your Blog
  • Try a QR Code
  • Add Facebook to your LinkedIn account – Twitter account and YouTube
  • The number one way to get people to LIKE you – is to LIKE other Businesses!

Now it’s your turn… share with us some of your unique ways of getting people and businesses to LIKE your Business Page on Facebook.

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Why You Must Have a Strategy to Launch your Fan Page

June 25, 2011

Fan Page Strategy

Getting Started

Facebook has made it very easy to put a Fan Page or Business Page on the world-wide web. The instructions seem easy enough to follow but also leave many loop holes for you to fall into. The first and most important in my opinion is “Do not” publish your page until it is rich with content. Here is how you do that: On the Fan Page top right corner click Edit Page – then click Manage Permissions – in the center of the page at the top make sure the box is checked – Only admins can see this page.

The second recommendation is I strongly believe you should pay to have a professional graphic design done that could also work on your website and Twitter page to pull all your marketing efforts together. Cost should be around $150 Example Design company on-line


You are not informed that there is a limited number of pages you can “Like” You can only like up to 500 Fan Pages. Having said that, you have no limit to the number of people who can like your page. If I was  planning a strategic approach to my business Page (Fan Page) I would be Liking “Like Minded” businesses, examples of that could be:

  • Distributors
  • Customers
  • Referral companies
  • Related Businesses
  • Helpful Sources
  • Favorite Charities
  • Mix it up – variety is the spice in life

Why Not Launch Right Away?

If you ask me to Like your page I am going to want to check it out for interesting helpful information, the idea is to have people wanting to come back again and again gaining valuable information and creating a relationship with you. Thus keeping you top of mind when they or their friends need your service. When they interact with your page, you become visible on their newsfeed, making your marketing dollars stretch further… Viral Marketing!

What makes a page “Rich?”

  • Interesting links that add value to their life
  • Great exciting photos
  • Free Stuff
  • News Letters
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Discussion boards
  • Color, proper grammar, fun.
  • You need to be Sticky
  • Make sure you have postings from you too (yes, before you launch)

Finding Friends

This is where you create a plan behind all your work. Don’t just pick Facebook friends, a lot of them are not interested in your business, even if they are on your personal profile as a friend. Think outside the Facebook world. Here are but a few other ideas for finding people to “Like” your page:

  • E-mail
  • News Letter
  • Website
  • Business cards
  • Print advertising
  • Word of mouth

In the end you are going to find hundreds of new companies starting up that can put your page together for you, sell you new easy to use i-Frames or even free merchandise. It is important to note that social media is being driven by authentic marketing and building relationships. If you decide to have someone else do the work for you or be your social media in-house employee, be sure to take an active role.. even if it’s a message of the week from the boss… Let me know if you have any questions.