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How Many Posts Are Too Many On FaceBook?

April 13, 2012

This is a very important subject

As I read through my business news feed where all the Facebook pages I have LIKED is found, (HOME TAB) I am surprised at the number of  people on Facebook that believe more posting is better…IT IS NOT!

Do you realize if you post too soon after another post of yours you will drop the earlier ones value…Your audience does not have the time or the patience to concentrate entirely on you… LESS IS MORE…

Just look at your own activity on Facebook, do you skim right past boring annoying posts until finally you say….. This business page has got to go, and with two clicks that noise is gone forever….

Tips For Posting

  • Look at who is following you
  • Think about how often they are on Facebook
  • Think of what valuable information you could give them
  • Keep your message under 70 characters
  • Thank your audience
  • People LOVE visual – this means pictures
  • Videos should be short and sweet
  • Post in the morning and before you leave work if you can
  • Try to post once on the weekend
  • Decide which day you are going to take off
  • Get help if you have a team
  • EDU-TAIN – this means educate and/or entertain
  • Think of how you can announce a sale or open house differently
  • consider community updates
  • work together with another complimentary business
  • run a contest
  • Have a draw
  • Donate your LIKES $1 at a time to a charity
  • Listen to your audience
  • Engage and ask questions
  • Watch to see if the playing field is changing – right now less is more

Smile ♥

This blog is short and to the point – you do yourself more harm adding too many posts one right after another. Be considerate of your audience. Every one of you understands exactly what I am referring to. You might even tell the people you know that they risk being UNLIKED from you because they post to often and far to close together…

I would appreciate if you told me I posted too much – and I would not take offense to the message…or kill the messenger which is how you begin to feel when some businesses just go nuts… Post Post Post Post….. Yikes..


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