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Yes Facebook Business Pages are Changing – Deadline March 30th, 2012!

March 13, 2012

Eight Major Changes

To someone who understands social media and Facebook in general the changes are minimal and very good…for the average new business owner who has only been using their Facebook Business Page for a few months, all the changes that Facebook is doing can be a little frustrating and intimidating…

Let’s together take a journey through the new Facebook Time-line. If you are new to Facebook Business Pages you can watch the video for an in-depth journey through Facebook. Before we go into the video tour I will point out the major changes to your Business Page if you have changed over – and please note Facebook intends to switch everyone by March 30th, 2012.

1. You now have a Cover Photo similar to your personal Profile on Facebook – do not use the same photos – you also have a Profile Picture which is similar to the look on your personal profile – do not use the same picture. If you do it could confuse you as to which page you are on.

2.Landing pages or a welcome page are gone. Everyone will now land on your Wall.

3. On the left side you had previously been able to use other tabs for your page (not to be confused with your edit page option) Now you have what Facebook is calling Applications – third-party apps i-Frames. You will always have the photo app first and it cannot be moved. All apps can be personalized now.

4. Pin a post keeps it at the top of your wall for seven days

5. Favourite a post gives you a larger version similar to your cover photo size

6. Milestones gives you an opportunity to talk about your company’s history

7. Facebook Offers has not been released for small business yet…but this is very exciting and similar to “Groupon offers” You post an offer on your wall and it feeds into all your followers news feed – from here they can claim the offer and Facebook will send them an e-mail – from here the person can take this discount or offer into the store and redeem its value….and best yet you can share this offer by e-mail with friends!!!

8. Private Messages from your followers – excellent opportunity to create private engagement

Head over to my Facebook Business Page and have a look – “Keep It Simple Social Media” (Don’t forget to click my LIKE button ♥)

Those changes are the over-all difference between your old business page and today’s new and improved Business page – it is only by testing out each button or tab that you will find what works best for you… the old rules still apply.

1. Get people to LIKE your Business Page

2. You as your Business Page need to LIKE other pages

3. Engage on both your wall and in your business page news feed “the Home tab”

The following is a video to help you better understand the changes – Here is a link if you would LIKE to upgrade your account to the New TimeLine

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