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#1 Question from Teams regarding Facebook Business Pages

December 9, 2011

Who should set up the account?

Today’s Social Media Tip comes from my old stomping ground in Coquitlam BC and a fellow colleague in Real Estate Ray Harris with The Harris Johnson Real Estate Team. Thank you for the great question Ray.

While having hundreds of friends on your personal account is a huge bonus for you…especially when it comes to marketing your Facebook Business Page.. not creating a Business Page and running a Business through your personal profile is problematic… so I am happy you now have one.. Business pages are ranked by Facebook on content and engagement… It’s known as having Edge Rank… Another important fact is without a Business Page you cannot cross-pollinate with other businesses surrounding you… it works much like referrals do…

But who should set up the page and be in control?

It’s tricky isn’t it? The reason I say this is just yesterday I met another client who had a page and now it’s gone… or the person who opened it is gone… with it.

You can change the Page ownership and remove yourself in a few easy steps… however you need be an administrator before the person leaves… unless of course it was a happy goodbye.

Facebook allows you to transfer Page Ownership and Admin

This is how it works

  • You must have a personal Facebook Account to create a Facebook Business Page
  • You can assign anyone to be an administrator for that page if you are friends on your personal profile
  • Page admins can invite their friends to LIKE your Page from their personal account
  • Page admins can view Insights (metrics for performance and data collection)
  • Page Insights only work after you have 30 LIKES (People)


We never know today where we’ll actually be in 3 years from now, but in three years if you work consistently and diligently on your Facebook Business Page you could have thousands of followers and enough material to write a book…. Lets just say what if.. the person who opened your Facebook Business Page leaves the company or gets transferred with their spouse… worse yet – fired or they die?… yikes.. I have heard of families that request Facebook to close their loved ones accounts when this happens…

As the owner of the company it is our responsibility to understand the marketing initiatives and the pit falls of each decision we make. You don’t even need a Facebook presence to have a Facebook Business Page… but at least you’ll own the page when one is created… Just saying… it happens…

Facebook Business Pages are really just starting to take off, so why not spend half a day taking a clinic.. understanding how it works and then hand it off to your admin….wife or children to keep it going strong.

If you need to switch admins or become the page owner why not “Just Do It”… Once this is accomplished re-assign the admin position… it’s easy..

The main point of this blog is you need to be in control of the wheel if you are driving the car… Everyone else just washes the car and gasses it up for you…Making you efficient, looking fabulous and staying top of mind for future clients…

Let me know if you have any social media questions I can help answer.. Twitter – Blogging – LinkedIn – YouTube – Facebook