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A New Way to Say Thank You ♥

February 12, 2012

The Doors are open!

There is a new way of saying thank you to the businesses where you spend your time and money….and that new way is on-line through social media sites…. Facebook and Twitter are easy examples of quickly letting the world know how pleased you are with service, food and quality of products…not to mention favorite parks, events and people….On Twitter this is called a mention by adding the Twitter handle of the business or person @KeepItSimpleSM and on Facebook you also use the @Keep It Simple Social Media

One of my favorite things to do is send a Tweet right from the restaurant I am having dinner at with an awesome photo of the artful display the chef presents…The ultimate in compliments…and promotion for that establishment.

Yes we know it is also easy to defame someone on-line too, but for the purspose of this article I am going to stick with the theme…How to say thank you on-line…

Blogging is a larger version of the thank you

My good friend and student of social media Carolyn Hill asked me the other day to give her some ideas about what she could blog about….now Carolyn is one lucky girl she lives in the mecca of resources for blogging.. WHISTLER… and todays blog is dedicated to all my Whistler social media students…I will start with ideas for real estate and then I will finish with ideas for restaurants…for Keeley from La Rua and Caramba if you’re reading this blog and feel left out just go to my Facebook Business Page and ask me to write something for you…. I’d love to.

Real Estate Ideas

  • First think Life style – people are buying real estate mostly for what Whistler offers
  • Write about the different restaurants – one at a time – as you experience them
  • The Five different Golf Courses – How to and Tips
  • How about each area or sub-divison
  • Show Case a Builder of the week
  • A day in the life of the Ski-hill or Ski Instructor
  • How about the Non-Skier – what can they do?
  • The recreation center – or other gym facilities
  • A walk along the village stroll
  • Write about an athelete or retired citizen
  • Write a story about the municiple hall / Whistler/Blackcomb
  • Emergency services – The local Police – other heros
  • Your company
  • Your personal experience as a local
  • Write about Whistler pit falls
  • Local camp grounds
  • Things for kids to do
  • Show the world how friendly everyone in Whistler is through Video interviews
  • The trails – Hiking – Biking – Cross-country
  • I’m sure by now you’ve come up with a few ideas of your own, another fun idea would be to get together with a few friends and talk about ideas to blog about, and ask people and places if you can write a story…they would love and appreciate the publicty – work together as a community, it helps inform the tourist and shows you are open minded and care about each other. You see social media works much better if you help one another … it is also much more fun! (as a side note the blog I wrote about Whistler marijuana has been my most read blog!)

Restaurant Ideas

      • Study the people doing it right
      • Ask customers to follow you
      • Encourage tweeting and taking pictures
      • Show case your chef and other behind the scenes staff
      • Write about each person and the owner
      • Pic of the week
      • Entree of the day
      • Night mares and funny stories
      • What are your drinking and lift home programs
      • Your pinics to go
      • Contests
      • Like minded vendors
      • History of food
      • Eating within your province
      • Local farmers
      • Show case Events
      • Wines and pairing
      • desserts mmmmmmm
      • I hope these ideas spur you on to start writing passionately about your profession or establishment, I can think of many people I know who hesitated at first to write a blog and now absolutely love writing…it’s fun and a great way to say thank you to the people and businesses that have helped you along your journey to success.
      • Cheers!!
Heather Clifford lives in gorgeous Nanaimo BC and teaches her hands on Social Media Marketing for small businesses Clinics all over the province of BC… Call her to come out and speak with your team about social media or one on one for an indepth passionate look at your opportunites to market in and around your area and the world.