How To Get People To LIKE Your Business Page on Facebook

April 21, 2012

Funny and yet brilliant thing about your Facebook Business page, is you can only LIKE other business pages, as a business page you cannot LIKE people, and the goal of your business page is to get people to LIKE your page… I do not recommend Facebook’s suggestions where you hand over your valuable e-mail lists that have taken you years to collect, but instead find a more creative way to do the same task…It’s really a Catch 22

Ideas for getting people to LIKE your Business Page

  • Do your own e-mail campaign
  • Remember the ps – Have you got a business page we could LIKE?
  • At your open house, hand out little pieces of paper with your vanity URL
  • Put Your Page Name on Your Business Cards
  • Add a LINKED Facebook icon to your e-mail signature
  • Put  Follow Me with your Vanity URL on your vehicle
  • Add it to your store front window
  • News Letter
  • All promotional material
  • Use the “Invite Friends” search on Facebook Build Audience
  •  Install a LIKE button on your website
  • Connect your Facebook Page to Twitter – not the other way
  • Run a contest
  • Donate $1 to a local charity with every LIKE
  • Connect your Business Page in the Work & Education section of your personal profile on Facebook
  • Add a LINK in Your Blog
  • Try a QR Code
  • Add Facebook to your LinkedIn account – Twitter account and YouTube
  • The number one way to get people to LIKE you – is to LIKE other Businesses!

Now it’s your turn… share with us some of your unique ways of getting people and businesses to LIKE your Business Page on Facebook.

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Keep It Simple Social Media on Facebook


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How Many Posts Are Too Many On FaceBook?

April 13, 2012

This is a very important subject

As I read through my business news feed where all the Facebook pages I have LIKED is found, (HOME TAB) I am surprised at the number of  people on Facebook that believe more posting is better…IT IS NOT!

Do you realize if you post too soon after another post of yours you will drop the earlier ones value…Your audience does not have the time or the patience to concentrate entirely on you… LESS IS MORE…

Just look at your own activity on Facebook, do you skim right past boring annoying posts until finally you say….. This business page has got to go, and with two clicks that noise is gone forever….

Tips For Posting

  • Look at who is following you
  • Think about how often they are on Facebook
  • Think of what valuable information you could give them
  • Keep your message under 70 characters
  • Thank your audience
  • People LOVE visual – this means pictures
  • Videos should be short and sweet
  • Post in the morning and before you leave work if you can
  • Try to post once on the weekend
  • Decide which day you are going to take off
  • Get help if you have a team
  • EDU-TAIN – this means educate and/or entertain
  • Think of how you can announce a sale or open house differently
  • consider community updates
  • work together with another complimentary business
  • run a contest
  • Have a draw
  • Donate your LIKES $1 at a time to a charity
  • Listen to your audience
  • Engage and ask questions
  • Watch to see if the playing field is changing – right now less is more

Smile ♥

This blog is short and to the point – you do yourself more harm adding too many posts one right after another. Be considerate of your audience. Every one of you understands exactly what I am referring to. You might even tell the people you know that they risk being UNLIKED from you because they post to often and far to close together…

I would appreciate if you told me I posted too much – and I would not take offense to the message…or kill the messenger which is how you begin to feel when some businesses just go nuts… Post Post Post Post….. Yikes..


Heather Clifford lives in beautiful Nanaimo BC and teaches hands on social media clinics all around this province. Twitter Facebook Business Pages YouTube WordPress Google+ LinkedIn ♥

Your Employees Are A Gold Mine For Social Media

April 5, 2012

A World of Possibilities

Let us start with the facts that people are spending more and more time on social media…during office hours and at home. People Love social media… Some people love to tweet and others enjoy the social interaction on Facebook. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that your employees are a gold mine of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to social media…now the trick is to harness that power during work hours to help the company stay top of mind and make your team feel even more excited about their jobs. Maybe the person doing your filing or answering the telephone loves to read and write outside of work and would be thrilled to help with the company’s social media efforts.

Maybe it’s time to re-visit all those resumes only this time look at them from a social media point of view…and if you’re writing a new resume maybe you should start including little items you never before thought important, social skills that compliment your current talents.

One of the fabulous ideas I’ve seen and read about recently is how employees are being included in the social media plan by having them write about their department. Not only does it educate other employees but it allows for a better understanding of the diversity of each area within the company. This gives the company a much fuller existence and is very intriguing to a lot of people while being highly educational.

Slowly leaving the corporate world are the jobs belonging to just one person. Today a “Jack or All Trades “is a popular and valuable employee.

What I am talking about is utilizing social media by being inclusive of all the people on your payroll. Collective contribution of the employees. Making each person feel needed and important within their role at the company.

How it works

You will need to create an overall GOAL for your company’s social media….really think about what is important to the company and what you are trying to carry out. Once you have completed this first task consider having a group gathering where you ask everyone to comment on your preliminary goals. Ask your employees who is using social media already and ask those who are not if it is something that is of interest to them.

You definitely need to bring in a social media consultant to talk with your  team about each aspect of social media and how it can help power a company’s marketing or keep the company brand top of mind to loyal costumers and future business.

Once you have an idea of how your team feels begin a training schedule and do not overwhelm them with too much, take it easy, make this a six month goal… but make it fun, adding more work to anyones already large job jar is not enticing and will be looked at as pressure….

Taking Advantage of all the Tools

In today’s social media world there are some fabulous tools available to watch your success and check what is working and what you don’t feel is having any impact on business. You will know and you’ll be amazed at how social media within organizations have created the new chat around the water cooler.

Get a company blog going and feed it into your company Facebook Business Page, integrate Video to add more variety, statistics tell us pictures and video are number one when it comes to what people like to view on social media. Send your Facebook posts into your Twitter as a Tweet…. Create a dashboard with Hootsuite and get some training, it is unbelievable what you can do today. Don’t miss valuable marketing time by thinking social media is going away..It’s Not!

The most important message is look within your own company at the value your employees hold, they are a gold mine of resourceful marketing ideas and talents.

On May 16th 2012 there is an incredible opportunity for your company to get started…SocialHRCamp Vancouver  Why not sign a group of your employees up for the Social Media HR event of the year in Vancouver…this is definitely a place for them to learn and get excited about social media for business…and guess what you’ve included your most valuable resource…your employees…

Have too many to choose who should a contest or draw names from a hat…just do it!…show your own enthusiasm and lead by example.


Heather Clifford lives in beautiful Nanaimo BC and teaches hands on social media clinics and consulting all around this gorgeous province. Follow me on Facebook for all the latest tips and tricks “Keep It Simple Social Media”

What You Need To Know About LinkedIn

March 23, 2012

A Few Key Points to Remember – This is your “Professional Network”

All your social media sites are professional and need to be nurtured and cared for the same way you have always done with traditional print advertising. Anything you do on the world wide web represents your professional reputation.

However LinkedIn has a motto – Relationships Matter

Today we are going to check a few key points to having a LinkedIn profile and taking advantage of the many opportunities available for marketing your brand and your name.

The Profile 

  • Be sure to have a recent professional picture which represents who you are and your friendly nature
  • Try to capture your audience with an exciting Professional Headline for your business and company name.
  • Your Professional Headline is 120 characters long – use it up!
  • Your profile is similar to a Resume and is the first area to which people are introduced to you
  • Consider a call to action phrase – make it catchy and professional
  • Your Website Options

  • LinkedIn allows you to have several website links in your profile

  • Remember to link you must use http://www.

  • To take advantage of SEO use keywords by choosing the “Other” tab – this will allow you to customize the website title… consider also adding a website link to your Facebook Business Page – a link to your Twitter account – and of course first should be your own website. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile if you’d like a little example. Heather Clifford on LinkedIn

  • How many characters you can use

  • Professional Headline – 120 characters
  • Status Field – 140 characters
  • Summary – 2000 characters – wow!
  • Company Name and Position – 100 characters
  • Interests – 1000 characters
  • Vanity or custom URL

  • In three easy steps you can claim a custom url for your LinkedIn profile…just like on your Facebook Business Page

  •  1st – Upper right corner near your name click drop down arrow  – Click on settings

  • 2nd – Scroll down the page – click on “Edit Your Public Profile”

  • 3rd – Right hand side click on Customize your public URL – (always try to secure your name)

  • In ending I would like to say I love LinkedIn’s style, they will always try to prompt you to have a 100% profile by asking you if you’d like to “Improve Your Profile” in a bright yellow box… even if you’re at 100%….why not always bump it up to the next level..

  • Don’t forget to ask me all your social media questions directly on my Facebook Business Page wall. Have a great day!

  • Keep It Simple Social Media on Facebook ♥

  • Cheers!
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