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Yes Facebook Business Pages are Changing – Deadline March 30th, 2012!

March 13, 2012

Eight Major Changes

To someone who understands social media and Facebook in general the changes are minimal and very good…for the average new business owner who has only been using their Facebook Business Page for a few months, all the changes that Facebook is doing can be a little frustrating and intimidating…

Let’s together take a journey through the new Facebook Time-line. If you are new to Facebook Business Pages you can watch the video for an in-depth journey through Facebook. Before we go into the video tour I will point out the major changes to your Business Page if you have changed over – and please note Facebook intends to switch everyone by March 30th, 2012.

1. You now have a Cover Photo similar to your personal Profile on Facebook – do not use the same photos – you also have a Profile Picture which is similar to the look on your personal profile – do not use the same picture. If you do it could confuse you as to which page you are on.

2.Landing pages or a welcome page are gone. Everyone will now land on your Wall.

3. On the left side you had previously been able to use other tabs for your page (not to be confused with your edit page option) Now you have what Facebook is calling Applications – third-party apps i-Frames. You will always have the photo app first and it cannot be moved. All apps can be personalized now.

4. Pin a post keeps it at the top of your wall for seven days

5. Favourite a post gives you a larger version similar to your cover photo size

6. Milestones gives you an opportunity to talk about your company’s history

7. Facebook Offers has not been released for small business yet…but this is very exciting and similar to “Groupon offers” You post an offer on your wall and it feeds into all your followers news feed – from here they can claim the offer and Facebook will send them an e-mail – from here the person can take this discount or offer into the store and redeem its value….and best yet you can share this offer by e-mail with friends!!!

8. Private Messages from your followers – excellent opportunity to create private engagement

Head over to my Facebook Business Page and have a look – “Keep It Simple Social Media” (Don’t forget to click my LIKE button ♥)

Those changes are the over-all difference between your old business page and today’s new and improved Business page – it is only by testing out each button or tab that you will find what works best for you… the old rules still apply.

1. Get people to LIKE your Business Page

2. You as your Business Page need to LIKE other pages

3. Engage on both your wall and in your business page news feed “the Home tab”

The following is a video to help you better understand the changes – Here is a link if you would LIKE to upgrade your account to the New TimeLine

Heather Clifford lives in beautiful Nanaimo BC and teaches hands on social media clinics in small groups all around BC – Twitter, Facebook Business Pages, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress Blogging and consulting for small businesses ….Call me anytime 250-668-3310


How To Get Started Using Social Media

February 27, 2012

Where To Start? 

You need to decide which social network is best for your business – It is my personal opinion that you need to be where your customers are and with all the statistics we have today, you know without a shadow of a doubt most of them are on Facebook at some point in every week. Facebook is estimated to hit one billion active users by August 2012….An absolutely huge number of people sitting in the comfort of their home or office for you to reach.

The fastest growing demographic in social media today are women over the age of 55………. You will want to be where those people are, keeping your business top of mind. (They are not visiting your website once a day)

Something to remember: “We hate to be sold to – but love to buy!”

Twitter might be the best option depending on what your business is – Twitter is instant messaging keeping everyone that follows you current. While Blogging gives you rich material to post on all your social sites and sets you miles apart from anyone – as an author you come across as the authority on any subject you are writing about…and if you have been in business for any amount of time I’m sure you know a thing or two you could share.

OK You’ve Decided

Once you pick your network, take some time to write down what your message is and how you are going to market to your audience. Write out at least twenty different ideas of content you could share. If you work in a team environment get everyone together for a brain storming session.

Examples might be:

  • Tip of the day
  • Important updates
  • Deal of the week
  • Value added message
  • Quotes
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Blogs and links

Once you know the direction you want to head, take it easy on yourself and slowly begin using your new tools…social media takes time to get you into the groove. There is no hurry. Do not think that just by opening an account you will be successful. You must learn how to actively participate and engage with your new marketing vehicle. It takes time to grow your community. I know how overwhelming social media can be, there is a lot of noise on the internet and you might even feel a little intimidated. Never feel pressured into doing anything you are not ready for, with social media it is not about the number of followers you have, it’s about the quality of the people following you that counts.

Make sure you dedicate a useful amount of time to the following areas:

  • 15 -30 minutes of posting and engaging once or twice a day
  • Follow blogs and videos on your new network (Twitter – Facebook) Heather-Clifford’s Blog on Social Media
  • Take a few courses – spread them out
  • Listen to your followers
  • Research different ways of adding content
  • Do a survey from your customers on their social media activities
  • Helping others is the easiest way to learn social media

Meet monthly with a mentor group and bring in a social media speaker

One Little Step At A Time

Spend a good amount of time learning your new tool for marketing and staying top of mind with your following before you introduce the next tool, and when you do pick up your next social media tool, figure out how to use both with one click – Every social media tool is different but they can over-lap and coexist nicely with one another.

I like to say six months to social media success with one new network every sixty days…

Keeping Track 

With all this exciting new activity you’re doing don’t forget to check, measure and analyze your efforts through the many social analytic sites available. Excellent SlideShare Presentation

In the end the Return On Your Investment needs to be clear – measuring your customers and loyal following is just one way to know social media is for you…

Heather lives in beautiful Nanaimo and teaches hands on social media clinics all around BC – Bridging the distance that some people have with technology!


Alright, So It’s Not So Private…How Do I Change It?

December 29, 2011

Don't tell

Facebook Privacy Settings

Today’s question and Social Media Tip of the day comes from a very good friend Rhonda who lives out in the gorgeous Valley.

Rhonda asked: Rhonda Tudeposted to“Keep It Simple Social Media” Training & Consulting

KISS ~ Please advise how to reset posts to be viewed by ‘all friends’ after sharing a post with just one friend ‘custom’.

To answer Rhonda’s question:

Go back to the post and you should see below it “Share” simply click the share button, remember it will not post until you click post or update…now change the custom tab setting back to public or any other custom tabs you want, and then post again…. It will only show up once in your time-line and once to the original person you sent it to. If you still have the older version of Facebook the setting might read a little differently.

Above is an excellent link to Privacy information on Facebook ♥

You might find pressing some buttons and trying things you have not tried before to be a very good lessons all on your own, we need to feel comfortable using the social media tools that we are now spending so much time on. I have found the best way is to jump right in and experiment… as long as you are ok with anyone seeing what you have written…

You might consider two things when posting a status update or post on Facebook

1. Would this be better sent as a private message to a select group of people?

2. New York Times test – How would I feel if my Gramma could read this?

Rhonda thank you very much for the excellent question I am positive this blog will help many people… I believe when one person is struggling with any part of social media, you can bet there are hundreds more pondering the same question.


Using Video in Your Marketing on Facebook

December 16, 2011

Love it!

Today’s Social Media Tip

In the last two days besides sharing some of my favorite Christmas recipes I’ve shown you two very easy and powerful social media tools… Pictures and Video.


The statistics tell us over and over that when people are skimming their news feed on Facebook they love viewing pictures. If you live in a beautiful town or city, consider sharing some of your favorite spots or events as it is happening. Always add an explanation or a quote and remember your smart phone takes great pictures which can be uploaded to your social networks. I’ve updated many events around Whistler and Nanaimo keeping my community on Twitter engaged as it happens.

It is easy to find pictures on the internet to use, but nothing is more valuable than your very own photography. Remember to tag each photo as well. I always recommend starting a folder in your picture file on your computer and labeling it Facebook.


People would rather watch a video then read text. Over 2 BILLION videos are viewed daily wow wee that number is huge!

Once you start shooting video you’ll see how much fun it is and how powerful this means of communicating can be… Think of all the wonderful things you have to share… especially when it comes to your area of ability. Video is easy and educational. There are many options for capturing moments… Here are my top three choices for quick and easy to use.

PS. These are fabulous stocking stuffers!!!!

My last two videos were shot using a flip video which has a built-in speaker. I have used a tri-pod for one video and my sister Cathie held and shot the second video. A couple of rehearsals and shoot – Easy..


You need to secure a YouTube account and the sooner you do this the better…even if you are not planning on shooting video for a bit. What you want is to secure your “Channel” name. YouTube is user-friendly and is owned by Google which means your video has better potential for being found on the internet. SEO

Todays tip was a quick overview of other options for postings on your Facebook Business Page, in the New Year of 2012… we will learn a lot more about shooting video.

Shortbread Recipe 

1 1/2 cups Cornstarch

1 1/2 cups Icing Sugar

3 cups Flour

2 1/4 cups Butter

Sift dry ingredients together / slice in butter (do not melt) once well sliced mix together with your hands.

Pre-heat oven 300 – 325. Put dough in fridge covered for 30 – 40 minutes

Knead dough until chill is gone. Roll dough into 1 1/2 inch balls – flatten with floured fork – add garnish of cherries (or drizzle caramel after cooked and cooled) Put into oven for 15 – 20 mins – very light golden brown on bottom – white on top… mmmm I love Shortbread.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!