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How Many Posts Are Too Many On FaceBook?

April 13, 2012

This is a very important subject

As I read through my business news feed where all the Facebook pages I have LIKED is found, (HOME TAB) I am surprised at the number of  people on Facebook that believe more posting is better…IT IS NOT!

Do you realize if you post too soon after another post of yours you will drop the earlier ones value…Your audience does not have the time or the patience to concentrate entirely on you… LESS IS MORE…

Just look at your own activity on Facebook, do you skim right past boring annoying posts until finally you say….. This business page has got to go, and with two clicks that noise is gone forever….

Tips For Posting

  • Look at who is following you
  • Think about how often they are on Facebook
  • Think of what valuable information you could give them
  • Keep your message under 70 characters
  • Thank your audience
  • People LOVE visual – this means pictures
  • Videos should be short and sweet
  • Post in the morning and before you leave work if you can
  • Try to post once on the weekend
  • Decide which day you are going to take off
  • Get help if you have a team
  • EDU-TAIN – this means educate and/or entertain
  • Think of how you can announce a sale or open house differently
  • consider community updates
  • work together with another complimentary business
  • run a contest
  • Have a draw
  • Donate your LIKES $1 at a time to a charity
  • Listen to your audience
  • Engage and ask questions
  • Watch to see if the playing field is changing – right now less is more

Smile ♥

This blog is short and to the point – you do yourself more harm adding too many posts one right after another. Be considerate of your audience. Every one of you understands exactly what I am referring to. You might even tell the people you know that they risk being UNLIKED from you because they post to often and far to close together…

I would appreciate if you told me I posted too much – and I would not take offense to the message…or kill the messenger which is how you begin to feel when some businesses just go nuts… Post Post Post Post….. Yikes..


Heather Clifford lives in beautiful Nanaimo BC and teaches hands on social media clinics all around this province. Twitter Facebook Business Pages YouTube WordPress Google+ LinkedIn ♥

Five Simple Social Media Goals for 2012

January 3, 2012

Time for Success

You might not see the correlation in the above phrase but one cannot hope to meet any level of success without putting in the needed time to carry out the set goal… Everything takes time… breathing takes time… the more you breathe the longer you live, so while you’re still here I recommend you consider setting your 2012 social media goals.

Writing it down

Before we move on to our five simple social media goals you might consider using a pen while you ponder… write down the most important activities you need to be focusing on.

For example last evening before going to sleep I wrote out my top ten chores for today… and then I thanked my brain for all it’s hard work and said good night….Guess what… writing this blog is the last thing on my list and I feel very happy to have accomplished all the tasks. I will repeat again tonight and tomorrow night and so on…..

                  “As You Think – So Shall You Be”

This week is a New Year and an excellent time to get a head start on your goals… that little voice in your head that keeps telling you to do this or that…. nattering at you non-stop….

2012 looks great… Love the numbers and how they sound… so let’s set a few easy goals right now.

Five Simple Social Media Goals for 2012

1. Commit to each Social Media account for 15 minutes a day. Start with your Facebook Business Page, make a “What’s on your mind” update at least once a day. Go to your News Feed on the Home page and engage in conversation with other Facebook Pages. Move on to LinkedIn or Twitter. After spending 30 minutes on social media “Log out” Repeat every day.

2. Do Not Be Afraid of saying the wrong thing – talk from experience, share your wisdom. If you have people who have LIKE’d your page or decided to “Follow” you…. they’ll want to get to know you or already like what you have to say. The more you go out on a limb the more fun social media can be.

3. Listen – Engage – Build  Relationships remember social media is not a race to see who can get the most Fans, it is a marketing tool set up to build loyalty through engagement. If you concentrate on “Like Minded” relationships this cross-pollination builds trust and sets you up as the authority.

4. 30 Fans on Your Facebook Business Page – Once you cross this milestone with Facebook, measuring your success just became easier. Go into your Insights every week and look at what is working for you and the real  size of your audience. Look at how many people are talking about your page and follow the key metrics so you can optimize your posts.

5. Educate – Educate and Educate Yourself – If you are spending 15 minutes a day on social media it will take time to learn your new language and feel comfortable. Take courses on-line and in person. Every time you take a course or clinic you will hear something you did not hear before.

 “It is not who you know, but what you know, and if you don’t know anything, you won’t know anyone”

Now it’s your turn.. share with us your goals and tell us what tips and tricks you carry out everyday to keep moving forward with social media. Remember every few weeks your goals will need to be measured and adjusted, never set goals you know you won’t keep, but never set your goals so low they don’t feel exciting… ask for help when setting goals, review what’s most important to you with your partner… when times get tough roll up those sleeves and take a deep breath and keep breathing.

You can find hundreds of blogs written just to help you succeed at the link below – good luck ♥

Keep It Simple Social

Heather Clifford lives in beautiful Nanaimo and teaches social media clinics through out BC… Victoria, Nanaimo, Courtenay, Tofino, Coquitlam, Whistler, Kelowna , Prince George… Heather’s clinic are held in small groups for hands on help for all levels of technology…all students leave feeling confident with their new marketing tools…Give Heather a call today 250-668-3310


Nesvog Meats and Sausage Company Nanaimo, fantastic!

November 14, 2011

Meet "Josh"

Ever move to a new town and not know a lot of people or the town itself?

We just moved to Nanaimo a few months ago, and being the new kids on the block we needed to find our groove…where to shop for cheese, baked goods, organic produce and definitely a meat shop… we are huge BBQ people…and love to entertain.

We were out shopping on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and literally stumbled upon a very friendly little shop… Abound with locals laughter and small chatter …. we knew we had found our new meat shop… Locally run by a family of three boys, mom and dad since 2005… Nesvog’s is a real gem, serious about their connection with the customer and a selection of meat products that makes choosing difficult…. however

The knowledge of the cuts, freshness and ideas for our BBQ made the decision of what was for dinner obvious..Prime Rib tonight!

Nesvog’s was under a little renovation when we first arrived because customer demand was growing rapidly for the small 2400 square feet shop and thus Arnold Nesvog acquired additional floor space bringing the total store area to almost 5000 square feet. Arnold started his career at the Co-op Meat counter over 25 years ago…2nd generation family originally from Norway and Holland..

With more space comes more product… a new cheese case, eggs, a frozen section and many other tempting items…to make your meal fabulous.

The deli counter has also grown and a new station called the Hot Case has opened with chef Monica preparing soups and sandwiches fresh daily with rotisserie chicken and ribs which make a perfect quick healthy lunch…  a fabulous idea for a picnic in the park or a day of boating.

Josh is Arnold’s son and he sat and talked with me about the history and the plans for the shop… he said the staple of our business is “Freshness” followed closely by their integrity, honesty and trying to keep the customers happy….

Nesvog’s specializes in free range grass-fed beef from our own Vanderhoof BC, the Chicken and Pork are hormone, anti biotic free…which works for me…

Another specialty for Nesvog’s is the sausages which are made in store fresh daily…along with the hams and on Tuesday my favorite…fresh frozen Lamb is delivered from New Zealand.

If you’re hungry while picking up the meat for dinner you must try one of the Chipotle Chicken Sticks.. delicious….yummy and very satisfying..

My daughter Tashi loves the suckers they give the kids too…thx

Keep up the great service Nesvog’s…we’ll be back…

PS. Order your Turkey for Christmas early.