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What You Must Do on Facebook

May 18, 2012

How It Works – Facebook 101

It is really a matter of getting yourself out there…everywhere. You might be finding it difficult to be on all networks all the time or even a few times a week. This is why it is very important if you are just starting out to pick ONE social network and dive in, take some training, give it the time everyday that it needs and most importantly learn how to ask people to FOLLOW you.

Being proud of your social network will make it far more easier and likely that people will recommend you. Once they get to your site you’ll need to give them a reason to stay connected with you…. There are far to many pages or accounts to follow to end up listening to anyone who is boring or repeating what they already know.

Today we’ll talk about Facebook and the power behind you helping others to win this game of social. Once you have created a captivating Business Page that is rich with valuable information and excellent graphics it’s time to build your Chamber of Commerce. A business page can only LIKE and mention other business pages. Even when you want to thank people for coming to your page and liking it – you can only write a post and thank them – you cannot send them a direct message or pull their name into your feed by tagging them….

So how is it you make this page more engaging and lively? I am finding Facebook more and more amazing every week… Facebook is forcing us to get outside and become connected… not just on-line. You need to be going into these businesses or organizations and participating in order to get ammunition to post about – yes, you need to be physically going places to win the engagement war. My good friend Carolyn Hill at The Whistler Real Estate Company (Facebook) and my sister Cathie from Go Cat Go Cleaning (Twitter) are two shinning examples of honestly thanking and tagging businesses when they’re out and about – excellent job ladies!!

Restaurants, gyms, yoga and Farmers markets are great examples of places we can go and then @ mention them on our Facebook Pages – but don’t get me wrong, this also has to be sincere. If you go around @mentioning & tagging people and businesses without actually having reason or worse not even utilizing their services… you will be frowned upon and possibly flagged as SPAM…

It is my biggest recommendation to work with another business or two together on each of your Facebook Pages… and this week I am going to run an example of exactly what I am talking about on my business page “Keep It Simple Social Media”. The businesses that I choose will be paying me nothing, and that is what you’d expect to have an honest playing field….Just copy what I do only pick your own businesses!

On a side note, you might love a particular business that is not on Facebook or they have a page and do not understand how to use it effectively and when you spend time visiting the page it gives you no strategic benefit – talk to these business owners or recommend a social media course… If pages have no followers or no one is “Talking About” their page you need to move on and find the people who are putting in the time. That which we do not use – we lose….

Social Media Marketing takes time to build and is very important today that you lead a good example – very soon people will be looking for successful pages to follow – in order for them to cross-pollinate with you…success breeds success, has never meant more to me than it does today….

If you have a product or valuable message and no one is following you – who do you think gets this posting when you make it? Get busy and get your Business Page Name out there… Build and nurture your community and shake hands in public places and ask “Do You Have Facebook Business Page I Could LIKE?”

If you’re in the Nanaimo or Courtenay area please pass along my information on a few Social Media Facebook Business Page training clinics I will be hosting… we need to work together on this… before Facebook Offers gets here!

Facebook Business Page Training – Easy set up of page and learn the 15 minutes a day to success!


Heather Clifford Lives in Beautiful Nanaimo BC and teaches hands on simple social media all around this Province. Facebook Business Page – Twitter – YouTube – LinkedIn – Google+ – WordPress Blogging – Social Media speaking – Consulting – Team Social Media Business Plans

Your Employees Are A Gold Mine For Social Media

April 5, 2012

A World of Possibilities

Let us start with the facts that people are spending more and more time on social media…during office hours and at home. People Love social media… Some people love to tweet and others enjoy the social interaction on Facebook. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that your employees are a gold mine of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to social media…now the trick is to harness that power during work hours to help the company stay top of mind and make your team feel even more excited about their jobs. Maybe the person doing your filing or answering the telephone loves to read and write outside of work and would be thrilled to help with the company’s social media efforts.

Maybe it’s time to re-visit all those resumes only this time look at them from a social media point of view…and if you’re writing a new resume maybe you should start including little items you never before thought important, social skills that compliment your current talents.

One of the fabulous ideas I’ve seen and read about recently is how employees are being included in the social media plan by having them write about their department. Not only does it educate other employees but it allows for a better understanding of the diversity of each area within the company. This gives the company a much fuller existence and is very intriguing to a lot of people while being highly educational.

Slowly leaving the corporate world are the jobs belonging to just one person. Today a “Jack or All Trades “is a popular and valuable employee.

What I am talking about is utilizing social media by being inclusive of all the people on your payroll. Collective contribution of the employees. Making each person feel needed and important within their role at the company.

How it works

You will need to create an overall GOAL for your company’s social media….really think about what is important to the company and what you are trying to carry out. Once you have completed this first task consider having a group gathering where you ask everyone to comment on your preliminary goals. Ask your employees who is using social media already and ask those who are not if it is something that is of interest to them.

You definitely need to bring in a social media consultant to talk with your  team about each aspect of social media and how it can help power a company’s marketing or keep the company brand top of mind to loyal costumers and future business.

Once you have an idea of how your team feels begin a training schedule and do not overwhelm them with too much, take it easy, make this a six month goal… but make it fun, adding more work to anyones already large job jar is not enticing and will be looked at as pressure….

Taking Advantage of all the Tools

In today’s social media world there are some fabulous tools available to watch your success and check what is working and what you don’t feel is having any impact on business. You will know and you’ll be amazed at how social media within organizations have created the new chat around the water cooler.

Get a company blog going and feed it into your company Facebook Business Page, integrate Video to add more variety, statistics tell us pictures and video are number one when it comes to what people like to view on social media. Send your Facebook posts into your Twitter as a Tweet…. Create a dashboard with Hootsuite and get some training, it is unbelievable what you can do today. Don’t miss valuable marketing time by thinking social media is going away..It’s Not!

The most important message is look within your own company at the value your employees hold, they are a gold mine of resourceful marketing ideas and talents.

On May 16th 2012 there is an incredible opportunity for your company to get started…SocialHRCamp Vancouver  Why not sign a group of your employees up for the Social Media HR event of the year in Vancouver…this is definitely a place for them to learn and get excited about social media for business…and guess what you’ve included your most valuable resource…your employees…

Have too many to choose who should a contest or draw names from a hat…just do it!…show your own enthusiasm and lead by example.


Heather Clifford lives in beautiful Nanaimo BC and teaches hands on social media clinics and consulting all around this gorgeous province. Follow me on Facebook for all the latest tips and tricks “Keep It Simple Social Media”

The Most Important Resolution!

January 5, 2012

You Want Me To Do What?

Our mothers never grew up with computers in the 50’s 60’s 70’s and in most cases when they entered the work force computers where non-existant…..and yet somehow life seemed normal.

Take away my computer for a day and I begin to twitch…I’ve been told I can get a little makes you feel like you’re missing something or that I might not be returning messages fast enough.

Now take away my cell-phone and life as I know it gets all dizzy…what do I do with myself?…I feel lost… We all use our cell-phones today as much as our computers.. they do the same thing, we text, receive e-mail, post on Facebook and Twitter even listen to i-tunes while out running…oh and we talk on our phones too…

The point I want to make is very simple… whether your job consists of sitting at your desk all day talking on the phone or working feverishly on the computer we need to take frequent breaks and give our backs and shoulders a rest… Our bodies are not designed to be in this position all day…

If you just go for a quick walk and stretch those limbs…. your productivity and enthusiasm levels rise… but more importantly at the end of a long day you still have a smile and energy for your family… think of all the complaining we are doing at the end of our day because your back and neck are throbbing from being in one body position for too long.

Do you keep your core tight while typing, is your tummy tucked in, is your back straight? Start to think about your bodies posture… as we mature our bodies and spine are settling in a much different position… make sure it is an attractive upright one…. Try this awesome clock on your desktop that will remind you to take a break.

Focus Booster

Just last weekend we left Nanaimo and headed north on the Vancouver Island to a small community called Gold River… gorgeous town 90km west of Campbell River…very close to the ocean and abundant with out-door activities and wild life … we had an incredible weekend with our buddies Diana and Jimmy P… they took us hiking to Lady Falls, showed us the Forrest Walk and even took us hunting (with our cameras) for Elk…. Norm spotted a large herd of about 14 cows with a six-point majestic bull….Holy cow…heee heee…we left technology behind and got back to nature, filling our souls with fresh air and laughter…. one small catch … our cell phones don’t work past Campbell River… and we did not bring computers (dead slow internet access)… wow wee… un-plugged literally for four days… Did you miss me?… I bet you never even noticed I was gone!!!… It was like going to a spa retreat and pampering ourselves… The Pimmy’s treat us very well… out-door fires, hottub…heck we even had some fire-works…I call it intense brain therapy… much-needed and truly noticeable on the drive back to Nanaimo…

Burman Elk

One “Resolution” I suggest for you is to take those well deserved breaks, step away from the computer every few hours stretch, bend, and take a little walk… drink plenty of water…water ensures you’ll take a few breaks…try keeping healthy snacks close by.

It is very important that every couple of months you turn off the buzz… much as we love you… we won’t miss you for a few days ♥

Let me know what you do to keep feeling good, what special tricks or treats make your computer day enjoyable. I loved you to post them on my Facebook Business Page wall

Keep It Simple Social Media

Heather Clifford lives in beautiful Nanaimo BC but travels through out the province teaching her hands-on clinics… Victoria, Whistler, Courtenay, Tofino, Coquitlam, Terrace, Prince George… and Kelowna…give Heather a call to discuss your social media goals!


Do You Want To Help Solve Crime In Your City?

November 18, 2011
Cleaning up Graffiti

Nanaimo is a small city with big Heart

Nanaimo’s population is just under 90,000 and with that comes it’s fair share of challenges such as fighting crime…  unannounced to many people living in this city are a small group of concerned citizens better known as COPS…

Citizens on Patrol started in Nanaimo back in 1985 by community minded volunteers who set out on Friday and Saturday evenings to help local authorities as an extra set of eyes in your neighborhood.

COPS is an organization that you can find in many municipalities across Canada and it is self run through tireless volunteers who not only attend to office duties, they hit the streets late into the night and fund raise for their necessary equipment.

Citizens on Patrol

The duties of these dedicated volunteers is to be the eyes and ears for the community, assisting the local RCMP by reporting suspicious and illegal activity… They might not carry guns, but they carry a two-way radio which is dispatched back to their own headquarters. Through communication with RCMP a police response is determined.

The volunteers drive their own vehicles, dedicate their free time and knowledge with minimal pats on the back…they head out anywhere from 4-8 hours a month serving you, under the radar. The COPS patrol areas such as beaches, churches, schools and are looking for vandalism and loitering… Not the way you and I spend a Friday night…

I had the pleasure of attending a COPS conference and dinner for the Vancouver Island COPS here in downtown Nanaimo… in attendance was well over 100 volunteers… they were people just like you and I out to make a difference.

Over the years COPS have been responsible for solving dozens of crimes here in Nanaimo and more importantly the COP presence in our community has served to prevent much more crime that may have occurred. This gathering was an opportunity for the volunteers to attend workshops for providing more insight into policing within BC. The workshops covered various areas in gun crime, social media, tele-marketing and child exploitation to name a few.

The COPS form an integral link between policing and the community, they also are embassadors for their neighborhoods because they have a grounded understanding of what the crime issues are in Nanaimo.

I met with Brian Cornborough who has spent the last 10 years as a volunteer for COPS.. he said most volunteers need to only dedicate four hours a month to join their team..Brian is the COPS coordinator and puts in over 25 hours every month…now that is dedication.

COPS is always looking for good women and men to volunteer in their community and there is no age restriction… Many of the volunteers get out to meet other community members and truly enjoy the relationship aspect of volunteering, while others are considering a career with the RCMP or are using their volunteer work towards credits in their ongoing education. If  you think volunteering for COPS is something you’d love to do, you might want to watch this video below and then get in touch with your local COPS coordinator, you’ll be very happy you did.

Contact e-mail:

Nanaimo COPS  – Video provided by COPS please click the link.