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Why is Facebook LIKE Your Garden?

April 27, 2012

The Organic Garden and the Organic Facebook Page

Garden – Before any flowers or vegetables will grow in your garden you will need to corner off an area and bring in soil – yes a little work is ahead for you

Facebook – Before anyone can follow you, you will need to create a Business Page with professional photos. 1. Beautiful cover Image 2. One business profile image

Garden – Now you’ll need to decide what you want to grow, and then plant the seeds

Facebook – You’ll need to decide what you’re going to speak about or post in your status update (Niche)

Garden – The ground will dry up fast so don’t forget to water, and pull those weeds

Facebook – It is essential that a business page looks for other like-minded business pages to LIKE and then talks to those businesses in their comment section after a post

Garden – I don’t know of many things that will grow without sunlight…let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Facebook – When people or businesses talk to you, make sure you acknowledge their presence, and say something back…this is known as engagement and this will grow you’re talking about.

Garden – If you pick the flowers or vegetables more will grow and all you need to do is Repeat – Repeat – Repeat

Facebook – If you schedule your Facebook time everyday or two, it will become a habit… a little post, a little chat with your followers and then head over to your business news feed and chat it up with other businesses… Repeat – Repeat – Repeat

It seems pretty simple and sometimes we tend to make it more than it really is, because we are entering unfamiliar territory. Take your time and smell the flowers… nurture your new community and it will grow. Be honest, have fun and stay you ♥

Keep It – Light – Bright & Polite – Josh Ochs


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Water is essential

April 27, 2012

Water is essential

Trying the New Quick Post on WordPress

February 12, 2012

Trying the New Quick Post on WordPress

This is the bomb, and I really think I can sell this type of blogging to my new students. Easy and quick, what more could they ask for. I uploaded a pic no problems, picked a title…and now I am writing a short sweet blog.

Heather lives in beautiful Nanaimo BC and teaches hands on social media marketing clinics for small businesses. Heather is also a great motivator of social media through her passionate talks and consultations… send her a message today!

One Of My Favorite Lawyers and His Great Sense of Humour

December 21, 2011

From my girlfriend Janice Strachan in Coquitlam BC and to all her friends around the world… Happy Holidays and a fabulous…amazing 2012!!! 

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the firm,

Not a lawyer was stirring, as we shall soon learn;

Computers turned off, no files to close,

Stockings hung at reception, with pretty red bows;


Tony at his desk, what was he doing there,

Sound asleep he was, right there in his chair;

While visions of sugarplums, most people did dream;

Not T Spags, in his mind he did scream;

He dreamt of the past year, the good and the bad,

The headlines conflicted, both happy and sad;

We won one and lost one, with our major sports teams,

The Lions won the Cup, the Canucks broke some dreams;


Lions fans celebrated, the parties were private,

Canuck fans cried, as streets turned into a riot;

The problems in Europe, what a financial mess,

Troubles abound, the future hard to assess;

What of local real estate; did we finally meet our fate,

Alas, not yet, prices did not deflate;

Why this did occur, was it the offshore buyer,

Our education and stability, a worldwide desire;


The market was strong, but not in all parts,

To be outside Vancouver broke many a realtor’s hearts;

Our firm grew again, as we joined with Landmark Law,

Our West Broadway office became quite the draw;


What about down south, to get out of the snow,

According to Jurock, ’tis about cash flow;

At this point in the dream, T Spags began to quiver,

As he thought social media, things like Twitter;


To send out a tweet, or call it a twit,

To be perfectly honest, he did not give a s**t;

No fan of LinkedIn, don’t mention Facebook,

Everyone has many a friend, even a crook;


People missing the point, online friends do not matter,

It is face to face, that produces real chatter;

So as we celebrate, the Holiday Season,

Let us recall, the purpose and the reason;


Be thankful, for what you possess,

Please remember, not all are so blessed;

There are those less fortunate, who need a bit of luck,

Keep them in mind, and send them a buck;

May your goals be achieved, your dreams come true,

That your days be merry, your troubles quite few;

Remember what is important, and what is not so dear,

Be blessed with the holiday spirit, for the entire year;

So to all our partners, realtors, brokers and lenders,

And to all our clients, purchasers and vendors;

Thank you for all your support, we owe all our success to you,