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What You Need To Know About LinkedIn

March 23, 2012

A Few Key Points to Remember – This is your “Professional Network”

All your social media sites are professional and need to be nurtured and cared for the same way you have always done with traditional print advertising. Anything you do on the world wide web represents your professional reputation.

However LinkedIn has a motto – Relationships Matter

Today we are going to check a few key points to having a LinkedIn profile and taking advantage of the many opportunities available for marketing your brand and your name.

The Profile 

  • Be sure to have a recent professional picture which represents who you are and your friendly nature
  • Try to capture your audience with an exciting Professional Headline for your business and company name.
  • Your Professional Headline is 120 characters long – use it up!
  • Your profile is similar to a Resume and is the first area to which people are introduced to you
  • Consider a call to action phrase – make it catchy and professional
  • Your Website Options

  • LinkedIn allows you to have several website links in your profile

  • Remember to link you must use http://www.

  • To take advantage of SEO use keywords by choosing the “Other” tab – this will allow you to customize the website title… consider also adding a website link to your Facebook Business Page – a link to your Twitter account – and of course first should be your own website. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile if you’d like a little example. Heather Clifford on LinkedIn

  • How many characters you can use

  • Professional Headline – 120 characters
  • Status Field – 140 characters
  • Summary – 2000 characters – wow!
  • Company Name and Position – 100 characters
  • Interests – 1000 characters
  • Vanity or custom URL

  • In three easy steps you can claim a custom url for your LinkedIn profile…just like on your Facebook Business Page

  •  1st – Upper right corner near your name click drop down arrow  – Click on settings

  • 2nd – Scroll down the page – click on “Edit Your Public Profile”

  • 3rd – Right hand side click on Customize your public URL – (always try to secure your name)

  • In ending I would like to say I love LinkedIn’s style, they will always try to prompt you to have a 100% profile by asking you if you’d like to “Improve Your Profile” in a bright yellow box… even if you’re at 100%….why not always bump it up to the next level..

  • Don’t forget to ask me all your social media questions directly on my Facebook Business Page wall. Have a great day!

  • Keep It Simple Social Media on Facebook ♥

  • Cheers!
  • Heather Clifford lives in beautiful Nanaimo BC and teaches hands on social media clinics throughout this fabulous province of British Columbia. Call Heather today to set-up a clinic in your area 25-668-3310

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How To Use Social Media For Small Businesses

March 2, 2012

The worry Game

A good friend of mine Maureen “Mo” Douglas called yesterday about social media, she said she didn’t know which network was the most important for her to be on and where she should be spending her valuable time…that is however if she had any spare time to be spending on social media…sound familiar?

Mo is like the masses out there trying to find the right social media network for her business, as well trying not to feel like she is being left behind…Yes it is true, more and more people are using social media today to effectively keep their business top of mind, but choosing your perfect networking tool is not easy.


Get rid of the anxiety about being left behind, social media is still very new. Take your time and learn just one network. Once you feel confident with that tool, introduce another, and ask someone how to link the accounts so you don’t have to be posting on both.

Here is why – Once you have one or two social media tools up and running you will find one month you spend most of your time on one, opposed to the other… such as, I have been obsessed with Facebook for months now, feeding my Facebook posts into Twitter and from Twitter to LinkedIn…very rarely posting directly on the other two….and then last week I spent the entire week on Twitter nurturing that network…and now this week I am over to LinkedIn….it changes…we change!


I don’t know about you, but I cannot be in two places at the same time…. and my mood and excitement switches every week… and so does my choice of social networking. Poor Mo was told not to use LinkedIn until she had the time to post directly on LinkedIn…I am on LinkedIn this week reading messages from my followers who are sending them via Twitter…I am getting the message and I am thinking of that person…who tells people these crazy things?

If you ask a social media teacher that teaches all the networks they will tell you it takes time to figure out what is right for your business…and then that could change with time to…

There is no science or right way to do social media, we do know people will stop following you if all you do is sell product or yourself…Remember social media is just that…social..

You wouldn’t walk into a Chamber of Commerce lunch and start selling to people… they’d look at you like you’re a weirdo… so don’t do it on social media…

Stop the madness and enjoy the journey, if you see and hear something interesting let everyone know…they love cool facts or stories with pictures…make me feel special and entertain and educate me….

Social media really isn’t a big deal, just a real fun and interesting place to share valuable information and every time you keep your company and name top of mind…that’s it!

Mo has just started her journey on Facebook and I encourage you to head over to her page and give her a LIKE…this woman is on fire – she is one of the funniest public speakers that I have had the pleasure to know and she has a powerful message behind her business… Mobolize Strategies on Facebook

OH – one more thing..Do you have Google Alerts Yet? That will be my next blog…I promise ♥

Heather Clifford teaches hands on social media that is simple…she lives in gorgeous Nanaimo and travels through out BC helping bridge the distance between technology and you!

Joining Groups on LinkedIn

December 2, 2011

Why Groups?

If you are new to LinkedIn you’ve really joined at a very good time…it has taken LinkedIn a few years to build its professional reputation that seems to be growing by two members every second.. which is amazing.

Another excellent benefit to joining groups on LinkedIn is each group you join appears on your profile…this let’s any people looking at your profile know you are active on LinkedIn.

HeatherClifford on LinkedIn

If you follow the link above and scroll to the bottom you can see an example of my Groups

You can follow groups and join in the discussion adding your own valuable comments, quickly building relationships and branding yourself as an expert. You could follow customers, suppliers and other company related people to find out what is important in their world, and add value to the conversations by answering questions or beginning a new discussion yourself.

There are literally thousands of groups to follow and it has been suggested by leading LinkedIn professionals to Join a few dozen.. This means you need to be engaged, current, and adding relevent postings.

Examples of Groups could be

  • University Alumni
  • Charity
  • Political
  • Technological
  • Career issues
  • Employment related

Some groups are private or by invitation only and you need to apply and wait for acceptance. You can even start your own group and send out invitations to your connections.

The following video was produced by LinkedIn and is very informative, just click on the link…

Groups on LinkedIn with Keep It Simple Social Media

Tomorrow we will write about connections on LinkedIn and how it works

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