What Is So Important About The Photos On Facebook?

Personal Profile Photo(s)

Facebook knows people love to look at photos and they have recently switched most people over to the new time-line where you have a huge cover photo and your smaller profile image… both photos come with a pixel size all their own. Facebook will resize most photos but on occasion they will tell you the photo is too small or too big…

The photo(s) on your Business Page are speaking very loudly about who you are – this is your branding and company exposure on the world wide web. Yes it is very important that you take the time to have a professional graphic done and that your photo strip is sharp, colorful, a delight to be viewed.

Pixel Size

Why not make it as close to perfect as you can, and while you’re at it have some fun, bring your personality out and show the world what you love or your great sense of humour… (At one time my cover image had a welcome mat that said “Go Away”) hee hee

Your new cover image on your personal profiles time-line has a pixel size of 850 x 320 and can be in color or black and white – they look amazing!

The original profile picture which sits in the lower left corner will size itself

Business Page Photos

At the present time as I write this blog (Feb 2012) Facebook is getting ready to launch time-line and cover images for business pages – This means your business page will have the same look and feel as your personal profile only it is for your business. This is excellent..

Your main photo on the Business Page

The pixel size for your main profile picture on the Facebook Business Page has a pixel size of 180 x 540 and this means it is more of a longer picture opposed to the cover image on your personal profile that is wide. You can have this designed with your logo and graphics…Recently I found a great website that will make these graphics for you at a price of $5 …Yes five dollars… Fiverr.com

We need to remember that it is likely people will spend more time on your Facebook Business page then your real website. This picture needs to be professional and perhaps even with a call to action or your website address. Make sure all the words can be read easily and your photo is crisp clear and inviting. Think of this photo as your branding on Facebook…This is the very first image people will see before they choose to click the LIKE button. When they look at your page does it scream Professional? ” Keep It Simple Social Media” Training and Consulting – please have a look at mine, does it relate to you or your business?


Out of your main graphic your thumbnail is formed and has a pixel size of 50 x 50 Facebook will usually pull the center of your graphic so make sure you drag it to fit, so your head and writing is not cut off or out of line. To do this you simple scroll over your main graphic and then click on change picture (we are not changing the picture, don’t worry) from here you go to the bottom of your picture and click edit thumbnail – from here drag the photo or click scale to fit. Done…

Photo Strip

Your photo strip is where you can upload five awesome pictures. One of the reasons Facebook might be changing to a Cover Image is people are getting frustrated with having to remove photos that automatically upload to your business page photo strip everytime you post a new picture or album. (to remove you need to scroll over photo and click on the x that appears only if you are on the photo) Ask yourself how does your photos strip look? Is it candy to the eyes, does it flow, are the colors soft or bold…black and white? Get creative, have fun….take your time and appreciate this free real estate to its fullest!!! Pixel size 97 x 68 If you are using photos with graphics make sure they line up –  can you read what it says? Always think with your professional hat on.

If you have more questions about photos on Facebook go to my Business Page and post your question directly on my wall. I will write a blog or do a video just for you….but you can be sure you will be helping hundreds of other people who are just starting to market with Facebook.


Heather lives in beautiful Nanaimo BC and travels throughout the province teaching hands on social media clinics – Twitter – Facebook – YouTube – LinkedIn – WordPress Blogging -un-Marketing and social networking – the new Chamber of Commerce!

Keep It Simple Social Media

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