I need to know you and trust you before I’ll LIKE you – Social Media!

This morning we were talking about people using social media…and some of our friends that don’t want to use social media ever…and why?

Facebook understands the privacy issues that a lot of people have with putting their life on stage…thus they have created even stronger settings for you to control who sees what information..

Something to consider – How would you feel if what you wrote ended up on the front page of the New York Times?… it’s called the litmus test and before you press share..think about what you’re saying and who might be reading it.

It is said that some people are not comfortable using social media because of insecurities they have within their own life or how they treat people…is this Karma?

You might be like the majority of people and want to only use social media for the marketing power it has…such as the very popular Facebook Business Page…so let’s talk about that side of Facebook…eventually we will get into twitter…but most of you are still trying to understand Facebook..

Remember – No one LIKES to be sold to – but we all LIKE to buy…

The idea is confusing at first, a business page can only like other business pages…but business pages want people to like them so they get counted as a “Like” or what was formally a “Fan”…you must like other business pages to create your community… Yes..It will take time … but don’t most friendships take time to understand and nurture…

This is why you want to share your expertise so people begin to understand what your business is all about and through this process they will begin to trust you and this is what will create loyalty.

You have been told from the start, this is not a race, quality over quantity.. but this intense fear of being left behind is making a few of you a little nervous and trigger happy… if you know what I mean..

One of my students this week here in Nanaimo Wendie Webber with The Devil’s Therapy  hit the hammer right on the nail – “I need to know you and trust you before I’ll LIKE you!”

Peter Legge once said to a group of women… “It’s not who you know but what you know – and if you don’t know anything, you won’t know anyone”… Love it!

On your journey through social media you will find it difficult at times to make sense of all this sharing of what once was valuable information that cost people money to get…after you have been using Facebook for at least a couple of months you will find the value and connection of this very powerful marketing tool.

Let me know what you struggle with when it comes to the social media maze…

Heather teaches social media marketing clinics throughout BC and lives in gorgeous Nanaimo with her family ♥


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    Hi Heather! I am really enjoying your blog! 🙂 This post’s topic is great because privacy is such a touchy topic when it comes to social media. It’s very interesting to see what companies need to do in order to gain the trust from their audiences. They really do need to be transparent and truthful in order to get any “likes”. Do you have an example of a company that you believe excels at this on Facebook? As you said, this is not a race! Companies need to focus on the quality of information that they are providing to the public, instead of focusing on how much they are updating their status.
    Laura Taylor

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