How To Tag Your Photos On Your Facebook Business Page

 Tagging Your Photos

There are a couple of ways to tag your photos on your Facebook Business Page and I suggest to you now not to get frustrated when you first try something and it does not work. Facebook has created incredible opportunities with every feature within your business page for you to be found on the world wide web. It is only through utilizing your new tools on a consistent base that you will become comfortable and understand how Facebook works…and the HUGE value it holds for your business.

To Tag your photos

  • You need to click on the photo
  • Now click “Tag Photo”
  • Click on the photo again
  • Start to type your Business name
  • Click on your Business name
  • Click done tagging
  • Click on the arrow to move to the next photo and repeat
  • If you want to exit the photo tab – click the X in the top right corner
The following video will walk you through tagging, deleting and rotating photos on your Facebook Business Page
It’s your turn….tell me what other areas you would like help with…. Don’t forget to follow all my videos on my YouTube account found on my website.

Keep It Simple Social Media

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