Why You Need To Blog!

Alright… you’ve created a blog to keep your customers up-to-date and to attract new business… now what? You can’t sit around and wait for them to come.. it doesn’t work like that…not very often anyhow.

Who are they? The people who are going to read your blog, the people who need to read your blog. You need to be pro-active and make sure your blog is visible to as many people and web searches as possible.

Do you know once you start writing a blog you become the authority on that subject. If you write, you are an author…If you are consistent at writing people will want to follow you, especially if your material is valuable, if you are solving problems and if you are enriching the lives of your readers.

Today I registered my blog with Technorati … one of the more popular blogging sites, although there are many .. I needed to verify this was my blog … the one you are reading right now…and the code below is for TECHNORATI to find and give me the thumbs up!!!


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Today’s Tip of the day:

 Goes out to a young realtor in Victoria that has just won an incredible opportunity to improve his health and life style… I am so excited for Dennis & Ally Guevin from DFH Real Estate… Dennis was the winner of a contest held by the Times Colonist and today Dennis wrote his first blog about his upcoming journey The Health Club Challenge

I am showing Dennis a few examples of linking web pages for better exposure for his blog… Dennis well also want people to be able to subscribe to his RSS Feed, click a like button and share his blog…

Everytime Dennis publishes a blog he will learn some valuable lessons, he will be able to track his viewers and respond to questions and comments. Dennis is going to receive a lot of mileage personally and as a business person. This is one smart idea!

Dennis will need to learn how to add links, pictures, videos and create a sticky theme layout that attracts people… he’ll need to know how to add “Widgets” to his page so he can get people to click and like and share his blog giving Dennis the most exposure possible…. I love social media…and I am so pleased to be able to help him on his quest for a healthy life…

PS. If Dennis had “Google Alerts” set up he would know right now that I just published something with his name on the World Wide Web!

Do you have Google Alerts – are you an expert in your field of business? …Remember people who write blogs are considered an “Expert” in that field… which really means you are the authority on the subject that you are writing about….

Heather lives in beautiful Nanaimo & teaches hands on social media clinics through-out BC… in small groups.. please check out her tips of the day on Facebook

Heather Clifford – KISS Media

Social Network Marketing – Nanaimo BC – Keep It Simple



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