How to Get Thousands of Fans Fast!

Why Would You Do This?

In the beginning you might feel such pressure to get started that you think it is better to go out and LIKE everyone, especially on Twitter… Some people even pay money to gather thousands of fans…Trust me, with social media more friends is not better. Face it, if you have ten thousand fans you could not possibly talk to them and build any relationships.

A Few Simple Rules

  • This is not a popularity race
  • If you start slow you can manage businesses and comments as you learn
  • Start with businesses where you spend your money all year-long
  • Your favorite parks
  • Consider your volunteer work
  • Your children’s sport teams
  • Your extra curricular activities – bird watching, running groups
  • Your municipality
  • Tourism
  • Local papers

The suggestions could really be endless – I recommend 25 new follows on Twitter every other day, try using the search field by adding your city…such as Nanaimo or Whistler. Sometimes you can find people to follow that have created lists and one might be of your city…It might say people who live in Nanaimo or in my case I just have Nanaimo.

On Facebook you need to go out and LIKE other Business Pages, because Facebook Business Pages cannot LIKE people. A quick way to grab a few local pages is to find a local Business and look at “ALL” their LIKEs. I will show you how to do this in the following video.

The Goal

If we remember anything about social media it should be that we are here to create and nurture relationships by being active in our news feed (Home). It is through commenting and time that these relationships will grow – just like in life. You will also create more followers on your page through the pages you have liked and the people who follow those pages as well by commenting. Friends of friends… that is a tough one to write.. you should read it a couple of times.

Think of your social media like a community garden that takes everyone’s commitment and time to grow and prosper.

Just 15 minutes a day is all you really need to spend on social media, but if you spend more than that it doesn’t hurt you…


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