The Most Important Resolution!

You Want Me To Do What?

Our mothers never grew up with computers in the 50’s 60’s 70’s and in most cases when they entered the work force computers where non-existant…..and yet somehow life seemed normal.

Take away my computer for a day and I begin to twitch…I’ve been told I can get a little makes you feel like you’re missing something or that I might not be returning messages fast enough.

Now take away my cell-phone and life as I know it gets all dizzy…what do I do with myself?…I feel lost… We all use our cell-phones today as much as our computers.. they do the same thing, we text, receive e-mail, post on Facebook and Twitter even listen to i-tunes while out running…oh and we talk on our phones too…

The point I want to make is very simple… whether your job consists of sitting at your desk all day talking on the phone or working feverishly on the computer we need to take frequent breaks and give our backs and shoulders a rest… Our bodies are not designed to be in this position all day…

If you just go for a quick walk and stretch those limbs…. your productivity and enthusiasm levels rise… but more importantly at the end of a long day you still have a smile and energy for your family… think of all the complaining we are doing at the end of our day because your back and neck are throbbing from being in one body position for too long.

Do you keep your core tight while typing, is your tummy tucked in, is your back straight? Start to think about your bodies posture… as we mature our bodies and spine are settling in a much different position… make sure it is an attractive upright one…. Try this awesome clock on your desktop that will remind you to take a break.

Focus Booster

Just last weekend we left Nanaimo and headed north on the Vancouver Island to a small community called Gold River… gorgeous town 90km west of Campbell River…very close to the ocean and abundant with out-door activities and wild life … we had an incredible weekend with our buddies Diana and Jimmy P… they took us hiking to Lady Falls, showed us the Forrest Walk and even took us hunting (with our cameras) for Elk…. Norm spotted a large herd of about 14 cows with a six-point majestic bull….Holy cow…heee heee…we left technology behind and got back to nature, filling our souls with fresh air and laughter…. one small catch … our cell phones don’t work past Campbell River… and we did not bring computers (dead slow internet access)… wow wee… un-plugged literally for four days… Did you miss me?… I bet you never even noticed I was gone!!!… It was like going to a spa retreat and pampering ourselves… The Pimmy’s treat us very well… out-door fires, hottub…heck we even had some fire-works…I call it intense brain therapy… much-needed and truly noticeable on the drive back to Nanaimo…

Burman Elk

One “Resolution” I suggest for you is to take those well deserved breaks, step away from the computer every few hours stretch, bend, and take a little walk… drink plenty of water…water ensures you’ll take a few breaks…try keeping healthy snacks close by.

It is very important that every couple of months you turn off the buzz… much as we love you… we won’t miss you for a few days ♥

Let me know what you do to keep feeling good, what special tricks or treats make your computer day enjoyable. I loved you to post them on my Facebook Business Page wall

Keep It Simple Social Media

Heather Clifford lives in beautiful Nanaimo BC but travels through out the province teaching her hands-on clinics… Victoria, Whistler, Courtenay, Tofino, Coquitlam, Terrace, Prince George… and Kelowna…give Heather a call to discuss your social media goals!



  1. 1

    Great Blog, Heather…i so know what you mean…lol

  2. 2
    D&J Says:

    good advice my friend, so glad to bring in 2012 with you both and thanks for taking the trip away from it all to be with us.

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