Alright, So It’s Not So Private…How Do I Change It?

Don't tell

Facebook Privacy Settings

Today’s question and Social Media Tip of the day comes from a very good friend Rhonda who lives out in the gorgeous Valley.

Rhonda asked: Rhonda Tudeposted to“Keep It Simple Social Media” Training & Consulting

KISS ~ Please advise how to reset posts to be viewed by ‘all friends’ after sharing a post with just one friend ‘custom’.

To answer Rhonda’s question:

Go back to the post and you should see below it “Share” simply click the share button, remember it will not post until you click post or update…now change the custom tab setting back to public or any other custom tabs you want, and then post again…. It will only show up once in your time-line and once to the original person you sent it to. If you still have the older version of Facebook the setting might read a little differently.

Above is an excellent link to Privacy information on Facebook ♥

You might find pressing some buttons and trying things you have not tried before to be a very good lessons all on your own, we need to feel comfortable using the social media tools that we are now spending so much time on. I have found the best way is to jump right in and experiment… as long as you are ok with anyone seeing what you have written…

You might consider two things when posting a status update or post on Facebook

1. Would this be better sent as a private message to a select group of people?

2. New York Times test – How would I feel if my Gramma could read this?

Rhonda thank you very much for the excellent question I am positive this blog will help many people… I believe when one person is struggling with any part of social media, you can bet there are hundreds more pondering the same question.


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