OMG iPhone, iPod, iPad I’m Going Crazy!

All I want for Christmas

We decided this Christmas not to break the bank and focus more on our family, friends and to share gifts made out of love. Baked items like shortbread, butter tarts and poppy cock…. delicious.

Last summer Norm and his father AlberniKirk caught a bounty of fish … with a canner, smoker and vacuum packer on hand Norm set out each weekend in December to smoke fish, can fish and smoke oysters….unbelivable gifts, a little ribbon and tissue all decorated in season and we were set….

We would do stockings this year and fill them with some much-needed yet small items…silly silly us…. we were successful however ..

the iPod was first on Santa’s list…small enough for my stocking momma…. my 3G was getting old….and the 4s was such a sweet deal…how could we turn it down?… my business is social media you know….how about the iPad, everyone loves the iPad..

And so it went that for Christmas the house was turned into an Apple store, with phone cases, screen savers, earphones and plug-ins.. everything you could ever want was in the stockings… but not just my stocking…my daughter and sister too were so excited to try their new toys….one small problem, how do you go from the box to making these things work? I was now going to be the house techy..I specialize in social media… not necessarily technology…

Putting it Together

Someone needs to take responsibility to get all this technology hooked up, powered up and to help choose the best apps… I mean there are over 500,000 apps to pick from..all these seemingly small tasks actually take major amounts of time… some apps need a computer to load them, some need a full battery… the rules and regulations seemed endless…. my best friend “Google” and I went to work for two days getting everyone…. let’s just say HAPPY….

It doesn’t end there

Once you have the ten-year olds iPod running and ready for iMessage you need to get all those people she is going to text hooked up, they too need to make sure their iPhone is set properly… you need to register your e-mail because the messages are actually sent via your e-mail account, but appear as a text message… iMessage is only available on Apple products such as iPodTouch, iPad, iPhone… iMessage works off wifi but first you’ll need to do three things…you then need to go into:

  • 1. Set your e-mail up to your phone
  • 2. Now go into Settings
  • scroll down to messages (click the arrow)
  • iMessage needs to say ON

3. Your apple device should have sent you a notification to download the new app iOS 5 You’ll love it!

iOS 5  – Great video on some exciting new technology

I could actually go on and on about the last few days and everything I have learned about Apples equipment, but instead I will leave you with my favorite app choices for the 2011 year!

  • iPhone Tips
  • EPI – Recipes
  • Kayak – discount flights and hotels
  • Shazam – identify music
  • Smule – Ocarina
  • Fish calendar
  • My sketch
  • Star Chart
  • Do Not Press
  • Talking Carl
  • Hockey Night Canada

Heather Clifford teaches hands on clinics throughout BC.. all levels of technology…with an existing Facebook Page or in need of a start-up page – living in beautiful Nanaimo gives her the freedom of “Mother Nature” and immediate access to the big city of Vancouver… from Victoria to Courtenay and Chilliwack to Whistler…have computer will travel…

call Heather today 250-668-3310


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