You Won’t Believe It… But It Will Make You Happy!

Where We Are Now

The larger companies that could afford to hire a social media person(s) jumped on the marketing band wagon as soon as they figured out that in the long run using social media was going to save them major dollars and the reach to the consumer was unmatched from any other source of advertising.

Mainstream media had to compete with newbies on Twitter and Facebook at a speed they weren’t ready for… with major shocking stories being told from people who were already in the heart of the action… now the media needs to tell the story with even more alarm and exaggeration… Let’s call it layering a level of fear…

We are all seeing the icons for Twitter and Facebook on television, news papers and everywhere you go today…slowly we are deciding it just might be time to see what all this fuss is a about…..and get dialed in on social media.


It’s too bad that some people are still trying to use Facebook for selling when the fact is Facebook personal profiles are for keeping up to date with friends and family, sending pictures, telling jokes, and just communicating when you can’t be there… it’s very social.

Facebook Business Page

This is where it gets even more confusing, this is a business marketing tool that you need to be creative about how you are going to market yourself. With all the noise coming at you on the internet what is it that you have to say in a split second that is going to grab someones attention?

If you think about it 85% of the people starting to use these marketing platforms are new to this type of advertising… this non-selling…selling…they don’t have it figured out just yet….

If you can create a plan behind your messaging and become a welcome post to all your friends… that is going to be the key to your valuable new tool… where is your value proposition… A little gem for your community every day…..You see what happens is you send a message out to your followers, keeping your business top of mind…. Could it get any easier?


There are literally tens of thousands of inactive twitter accounts… a lot of people don’t understand Twitter and the power of instant messaging… yes there is a lot of garbage and noise on all the social media sites… but you can un-follow people and businesses…. you need to choose your following carefully and with a strategic plan in mind… In most cases people have not even created a Twitter plan for their messaging.

Here is the problem

If you have created a business page with no guidance or understanding of how the metrics work, you might be one of the masses trying to sell your product to people whom have liked your page without creating or nurturing your relationships… Social Media is not a race and the slower and more methodic you are in building your community the more benefits and rewards you’ll reap because creating relationships is the name of the business…

You don’t want to be part of the noise on the internet, you want to be a problem solver or a value added post… you want to make people smile or laugh…and you want them to be happy you are posting in their news feed… because every time you post… that is where it goes, straight to their mobile or PC… and when they are on Facebook or Twitter they’ll see what you are saying… Is it worthy?

Three Things you need to consider

  • Creating Brand Loyalty
  • Net-working through engagement
  • Growing your Fan base

The Train Has Left the Station

Yes it is true, we are years into social media now… but it really is just getting going… Facebook has fixed most of its problems and is now an amazing marketing tool that you’d be crazy not to utilize…it is FREE!…

Twitter is being recognized all around the world as a source of instant news and information… it’s popularity is growing rapidly…and it is FREE!

The people who grasp the power of Blogging can place themselves as the experts in any field… and adding video to your mix is going to push you out in front of the competition a little sooner. You can now tie all your social media networks together to be more efficient using third-party apps…

The trick is consistency and content…. but the glue is in the relationships you build along the journey….

The next year is going to be the best social media year ever and I am so excited to be part of this incredible opportunity to share knowledge with the people who are ready to take their community by storm…. You`d be surprised how many people are interested in what you have to say and to read helpful tips and tricks along the way…

It’s your turn… tell me how you are feeling and how I can help you get a little more comfortable with social media. If you follow my “Today’s Social Media Tip” you can get in on the conversation and practice engagement…


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