Exciting Things to Post on Your Facebook Business Page!

Today’s Social Media Tip

Thank you to Janet Brown of Sutton Whistler for asking me to clarify and suggest some ideas for posting on your Business Page..

Janet is more than a real estate agent in Whistler, she comes fully qualified to stage homes as an interior designer, she also loves to ski and has two of the cutest little dogs…

Can you see how many things Janet could write about on her business page? I know many people who are always looking for tips on how to arrange the furniture or how about decorating for Christmas?

No Competition

With social media you have nothing to worry about when it comes to competition….No two people are the same… It does not matter if you’re in the same family or belong to the same clubs… Each of us thinks completely independent of the other…

Everything you have done through out your life has brought you to where you are today…good or bad you have learned lessons that can be shared. Facebook is all about sharing your expertise and what’s on your mind…This little quote is often said to me…thx Norm.

“You can not put your brain into another persons head!”

You should take a little time and decide what type of message you want to portray on your Facebook business page, do you want a consistent flow in one direction or do you want variety? Browse through other pages and see what stands out for you… Look and see what makes you laugh or smile…

The community you are building on Facebook is known as a “LIKE” minded community of people you have hand-picked… especially when you are launching your business page or are in the first stage of putting it out to the world.

The following is a suggestion of posting ideas…I think differently than you, right? There is really only one wrong thing to do on Facebook and that is negativity…People will delete you… Opinions are interesting and I tend to stay far away from political and other touchy subjects..but thats me…

I also don’t recommend sharing current news articles that are on TV or in the paper…as most people are aware of these postings… Twitter however is different…

Ideas for Posting according to Statistics

  • Pictures (Hikes, skiing, walks, ocean, mountains, flowers, parades, jokes, cute things, emotional)
  • Videos (Songs, teach me something, funny, self-made, you-tube)
  • Quotes (Work related, day related, month related, famous, sad, happy, FUNNY)
  • Links to blogs (Literally thousands of fabulous articles out there. Google what you are looking for)
  • Articles of Interest
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Share your knowledge, write a blog
  • Fund Raisers – Parades – Social Gatherings – Current Events
  • Recipes…Christmas, Martini’s, Family Recipes
  • What’s on your mind (I bet you have tons to share)

Getting Started

It takes about a month or two to get comfortable posting on your business page wall and you will begin to feel better once people or businesses start to add Comments and click the Like button…Engage with you….

 Once you have 30 people who like your business page Facebook will allow you to use their metrics known as Facebook Insights to track and check your engagement success. The information found here is priceless…

Good luck everyone… and make sure you enjoy the journey… Anymore questions out there?


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