Simple Steps to Get Started with LinkedIn


Getting Started

LinkedIn is a very powerful network you join to be part of 128 million other professionals talking about business, knowledge, ideas and opportunities. Today’s Social Media Tip came from one of my clients Vargha a real estate representative out in Port Moody…

One of the many great features when it comes to LinkedIn is their notices that help you get started right from the sign-up stage. They prompt you along with suggestions to follow and they also give you a grade to let you know how well you are doing. (I loved this feature)

Like all the social networks they have a help center that answers any questions you might have. To get a presences on LinkedIn is very simple, you just open an account and follow the prompts. I think it is very important to fill in all the questions and to be as correct as possible. Make sure your photo is professional and recent. You can get quite elaborate with LinkedIn the same with any other network…it is entirely up to you. LinkedIn has a special little Yellow tab that reads “Improve Your Profile” If you click on the link a guided suggestion will appear….

Remember this network is all about Linking professionals to professionals and as such all your information becomes available for the world to read and share with others.

To get the most out of your LinkedIn relationships you might consider right off the start to join some groups that interest you,  perhaps a college or University you have attended in the past, this is a great way to grow your network and stay connected.

In the blogs to follow I will go into much more depth on groups and other valuable tools found within the LinkedIn network.

It will be especially interesting for you to understand the degree of separation between you and other people you become friends with on LinkedIn.

I added a link to LinkedIn’s help center as well a quick video on how to link your Twitter account so every Tweet you make is fed into your LinkedIn timeline. The link below also has a very good video to help you understand LinkedIn….

To help make using all your networks a little more easier to manage LinkedIn allows you to add your Twitter account for instant timeline updates as soon as you have tweeted. It might be wise to remember that this is a business network and some of your tweets might not be suited for LinkedIn…

I fall short on this advice often…. Heather Clifford on LinkedIn

Like all the other networks they take time to manage before they become of value – you don’t become successful by opening a LinkedIn account – you become successful on LinkedIn by using the network and building within that community….

Here is a quick video on how to add your Twitter account to LinkedIn – Thank you Vargha!

Please let me know where you are struggling and I will quickly get a blog or video written for you…


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