A Must Read for Newbies on Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Business page Photos

Getting Started on Your Business Page

You’ve started to create a business page on Facebook and you can’t see anything you have added… You ‘re not able to see your photo strip, your news feed does not show you are following anyone, and some times your posts even disappear…. What is going on?

Don’t panic you are doing just fine… it’s crazy but true, Facebook will allow some people to see their work, and others Facebook will keep prompting you to add more posts, find some friends….

I recommend you stay focused and skip past inviting friends until you’ve actually created something for them to look at.. It is much more professional if you invite people to your page and they have something to see and read… It is crucial that your photos be attractive and catchy… and your 180 x 540 pixel graphic needs to be “Professional”

Ask yourself one question…how do you feel when you look at someones business page on Facebook and it SUCKS? Does it make you want to follow them…how about if they have one friend?

It is important when we are ready to launch our business page that we find our best friends first and ask them to LIKE us…. then we look a little more interesting and popular…However if your posts are really good and exciting, full of knowledge or humour…people will automatically want to follow you.

Getting Started Tips

  • Have a great main graphic 180×540 pixels
  • Pick 5 kick butt photos for your photo strip
  • Find five awesome things to say or videos to post or blogs to Link…even a fabulous “Quote”
  • Look for 5 -10 other Business pages to LIKE – make sure they are someone you would associate with
  • Add some feedback to those pages…Comment…Like – Engage!
  • Now click the x for adding Twitter (unless you have an account – then link it)
  • Add Facebook to your mobile
  • Ignore the LIKE box for your website and opt for a cool Facebook Icon

Your ready to get out and invite some friends… Remember as a Facebook Business Page you cannot like people…only other business pages..People however can Like your business page…tricky yes – that is why you need to invite people to Like your page. On that note Facebook will only count people as Fans…not business pages that have Liked you… wow…it is confusing…but only in the beginning.

I still cannot believe that Business Pages are FREE… this is simply the bomb for marketing…your message feeding into your customers news feeds everyday… keeping you top of mind for when your service is needed… not only that, but once you have 30 fans Facebook will allow you to see the metrics of all your postings and communications…Facebook Business Page “INSIGHTS” Holy Cow… that is unbelievable!!!

Short video review…

I am linking my Twitter Blogs for you to check if you’re ready to get started on Twitter…I also have Twitter & Facebook Business Page clinics going on all over BC – please let me know if you need some hands on help.

Keep It Simple Social Media

Twitter for beginners Day One – click the link here

Twitter Day Two

Twitter Day Three

Twitter Day Four

Twitter Day Five

Happy Tweeting – Cheers!

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