Five Simple Steps to Add Links (Blogs/Videos) to Your Facebook Status Update

How You Add Links to Facebook

We Learn So Much… We Tend to Forget

1. When you’re ready to say something, or to send a posting out, the first step you need to take is to decide if you are just going to add a quote or write about anything on your mind… in that case you just type it out and then press “Share”…. Remember Facebook statistics recommend you keep it under 80 characters…..If you are wanting to add a link on your Facebook Business Page in your “Status Update”  (What’s on Your Mind?) you will need to find that LINK or its URL…. to do this you simply open a new tab, or page while leaving your Facebook Business Page open so it’s easy to return to your business page with your link.

To open the tab look at the bar just below your URL bar, you should already have your Facebook tab open, next to it is a small square box, click in the box and a new page will open. In fact while you’re reading this blog try it… Look up at the URL bar, now just below it you’ll see the tabs you have open… you should see a small box with nothing in it and see what happens.

(Apple MacBook users need to go to “File” and then click open new tab)

2. Now in your new page (Google) search for the idea you have…what are you looking for? Examples could be:

  • How to winterize your home
  • How to decorate for Christmas
  • Top Ten Spring Cleaning Tips
  • Distressing your life
  • Healthy snacks
  • 30 minute work-out
  • Real Estate in BC – Whistler – Nanaimo – Courtenay – Victoria
  • Social Media Tips
  • Best Holiday get aways
  • Excellent leadership “Quotes”
  • Feng Shui for my home
  • Songs that soothe the Heart…..

I’m sure with all these examples you are getting my drift…If you want this in a video form…simply add the words “YouTube”

3. Once you have reviewed the article or watched the video you then copy the URL (with your cursor on the url click the mouse to the left and then click the right and copy) go back to your Business Page on the Facebook Tab and click the words “Link” then paste the link in the box (you paste by right clicking your mouse) now click Attach….

But Wait….. don’t press POST yet!!!!!

4. ALWAYS add a comment that is exciting or enticing or sexy or colorful or scary or factual…don’t be boring… get out of the box, but stay close to it!

5. Now click “POST”

Whaaa laaa…. you’ve done it, now do it again tomorrow, and in the mean time watch for the exciting things in life that go on around you…simple things that happen every day that warm your heart, or make you laugh…. If it makes you smile you can bet it will make your community smile..Utilize your smart phone and take pictures and keep a file, name it “Facebook”

The following video is an overview for you…..

Please let me know if this was helpful and what other videos and blogs I could write for you…


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  1. Bookmarked, so I don’t forget! Thanks for sharing….

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