More Ways to Get Your Business Page LIKED

Getting LIKED

The Power of the LIKE

You are now on a roll, you totally understand how important it is to have people following you on your Business Page. You realize everyday your name and message could be seen by possible customers….. or even better, loyal clients!


We know how important it is to have a follow me icon on our website, how do we know?…. Facebook asks you when “Creating a Page” to copy and paste the LIKE code into your website…

However in the video below you will see an even better choice of icons… Icons are easy to find on the web…just Google Free Social Media Icons or go to Google Images and search for exactly what you are looking for.


If you send an electronic news letter out once a month… you now should have a link on it that goes directly to your Facebook Business Page.

Both of these recommendations take about 15 minutes to set up and then you never need to touch them again… Keeping it Simple!

Thank you to my good friend Cathy Goddard who allowed me to use her website in today’s Social Media Tip.

Lighthouse Visionary Strategies – Small Business Solutions, Network Mentoring and Innovative Workshops.


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