How to Add Your Business Page Link to your Personal Profile on Facebook

Linking Your Business Page

More ways to Link your Business Page

You must admit Facebook is a real genius when it comes to marketing in this new millennium, creating communities of people who don’t sell to each other but rather they are constantly adding valuable tips, blogs, pictures, videos and asking you questions… With all this interaction you’ll want to make sure your message is being noticed and read.

  • With every message your Business Card is sent

Can you imagine all the ways you can promote your business page? If you think about your own daily activity you’ll realize there are opportunities through out your day to invite people to LIKE you on Facebook..

It is very important that you harness the power of marketing your Facebook Business Page to continue to generate new followers and a community of LIKE minded people and businesses. Every time someone LIKES your business page it leads to a new opportunity to keep your business top of mind….with every new posting your business name is sent into their news feed.

Today we will learn how to use our personal profile to promote our business page. Thank you to Carolyn Hill from The Whistler Real Estate Company for lending me her page for this video.

Adding your Business Page to Your Personal Profile

Let me know if you need any further help with this quick tip on adding your business page link to Facebook… and don’t forget to let me know how you are doing, and if you are struggling with anything….

Keep It Simple Social


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