Feeling Confused About News Feeds on Facebook?

Dazed and Confused

When you first begin using your Facebook Business Page it can seem a little confusing, but just be patient and day by day the maze will become very clear and when it does…look out, you’ll be creating fabulous relationships and keeping your name and business top of mind… Kind of LIKE the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Your Personal Profile News Feed

When you open a personal account on Facebook your main page for posting status updates is found by clicking the personal profile button at the top right corner also referred to as your WALL – your other option or page is found by clicking the HOME tab, this is where you see all the activity from your friends… this activity is known on Facebook as your news feed.

This will be your personal news feed and you find this news feed by clicking Home in the top right corner, you are going to also see your posts from your business page, because you are your first “FAN” ….understand that only you can see these posts from your business page until you start having people follow you or other business pages follow you by clicking your LIKE button located in the middle top section of your business page when they land there… you however will not see the LIKE button because you are your own fan already…

You automatically LIKE your own page, therefore it feeds into your personal profile news feed. You need to continue to nurture your existing friends in this news feed and continue your personal relationships… this is not a place to post business activity.

Your Business Page News Feed

You need to “Switch” to your business page. Now to find your business page news feed you need to also click the Home button top right corner. Once you have LIKED a few other business pages Facebook will start feeding those Business Page posts into your news feed.. Read this again.

  • You now have TWO news feeds to communicate with…one on your personal page and one on your new business page.

This is where you are going to start your engagement and grow your new community…It is a Business community and thus you need to think with a different hat about what you should be posting. Give yourself at least two months to get familiar and comfortable with your message and just be consistent.

Don’t forget you can ask me any questions about social media on my business page wall… I love to help you succeed. Keep It Simple Social Media


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