Nesvog Meats and Sausage Company Nanaimo, fantastic!

Meet "Josh"

Ever move to a new town and not know a lot of people or the town itself?

We just moved to Nanaimo a few months ago, and being the new kids on the block we needed to find our groove…where to shop for cheese, baked goods, organic produce and definitely a meat shop… we are huge BBQ people…and love to entertain.

We were out shopping on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and literally stumbled upon a very friendly little shop… Abound with locals laughter and small chatter …. we knew we had found our new meat shop… Locally run by a family of three boys, mom and dad since 2005… Nesvog’s is a real gem, serious about their connection with the customer and a selection of meat products that makes choosing difficult…. however

The knowledge of the cuts, freshness and ideas for our BBQ made the decision of what was for dinner obvious..Prime Rib tonight!

Nesvog’s was under a little renovation when we first arrived because customer demand was growing rapidly for the small 2400 square feet shop and thus Arnold Nesvog acquired additional floor space bringing the total store area to almost 5000 square feet. Arnold started his career at the Co-op Meat counter over 25 years ago…2nd generation family originally from Norway and Holland..

With more space comes more product… a new cheese case, eggs, a frozen section and many other tempting items…to make your meal fabulous.

The deli counter has also grown and a new station called the Hot Case has opened with chef Monica preparing soups and sandwiches fresh daily with rotisserie chicken and ribs which make a perfect quick healthy lunch…  a fabulous idea for a picnic in the park or a day of boating.

Josh is Arnold’s son and he sat and talked with me about the history and the plans for the shop… he said the staple of our business is “Freshness” followed closely by their integrity, honesty and trying to keep the customers happy….

Nesvog’s specializes in free range grass-fed beef from our own Vanderhoof BC, the Chicken and Pork are hormone, anti biotic free…which works for me…

Another specialty for Nesvog’s is the sausages which are made in store fresh daily…along with the hams and on Tuesday my favorite…fresh frozen Lamb is delivered from New Zealand.

If you’re hungry while picking up the meat for dinner you must try one of the Chipotle Chicken Sticks.. delicious….yummy and very satisfying..

My daughter Tashi loves the suckers they give the kids too…thx

Keep up the great service Nesvog’s…we’ll be back…

PS. Order your Turkey for Christmas early.


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