Understanding the Fans, and the Likes on Your Facebook Business Page

Understanding the Fans

In the Beginning

We all start our Facebook Business Page understanding that we need to go out and ask people to LIKE our page. This Business Page has nothing to do with our personal profile page on Facebook – although we need to use our Facebook Business Page through our personal profile…. sound confusing? After you’ve done this for about one week you’ll never get confused again… You see we are all in training…

In order to create a Facebook Business Page, you must have a personal profile on Facebook…It is from your personal profile that you can create a business page or a group or a community event page. You can find create a page at the very bottom in small print from your personal profile page – Click Home Page at the top, scroll to the bottom, sometime you need to keep scrolling to stay at the bottom…now clcik “Create Page”

Once You Create a Business Page on Facebook

Alright you’ve now created your page and Facebook keeps trying to help you find friends…I never recommend their suggestions for several reasons, but this blog is not about setting up a page.

After your page has been created you need to go out and find people to LIKE your page, the reason you want to be aggressive with finding people to LIKE you is because eventually your stream of influence well find you, but in most cases they’ll find you from their own Business Page and LIKE you as a Business and not as a person….

In your Fan Count or “LIKE” count as Facebook calls it, they only recognize people in that number…they will only count your Fans who LIKE you if they click from the users personal profile name (read this a few times)…Yes other Business Pages can LIKE your Business page and they will receive your posts on their business page news feed… but it will not stream into their personal profile unless they have LIKED you as a person….

A Business Page cannot LIKE personal profiles! A Business Page cannot LIKE personal profiles – only other Business Pages

The name of the game is to be popular in both fields… Make sure you are recruiting LIKES in person and you as your Business Page should be LIKING other Business Pages…

That is why we created the launch process for your Business Page.

Once your page is released to the public you need to begin the engagement process, you’ll want to start conversations with people and other business pages ….. go ahead and start talking,  adding a comment, clicking the like and  generally just socialize with other pages…you can only do this if they are feeding into your news feed on your Business Page….. if you haven’t LIKE any other Business Pages, you’ll have no one to talk to…

Short Video on LIKES and your Business Page – Modern Cafe Nanaimo example


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