How to Understand the Value of your Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights

Facebook has really improved how we can understand the interaction or activity that is taking place on our Facebook Business Page… Sometime it can seem like we are doing a lot of work and no one is listening. Those feelings while understandable can now be validated through Facebook Insights.

To have the Insights view button you must have at least 30 LIKES from people (Personal Profile) on your Facebook Business Page. Businesses Pages that LIKE you, do not count…nor do they count as Fans….but they are very important!

Facebook Insights

  • The Insights dashboard gives you an in-depth look into your content posting
  • Page views
  • Tab views
  • External references
  • Media Consumption
  • Geographical – gender specific – age – countries – cities – language

For me the most valuable button that is not ego centric would be the Interactions Tab which talks specifically about my postings and the response, impressions and feedback it generated…

Why this is so important is because it allows you to curb, change or increase popular posts,,,the insights give you the response that post generated, giving you clear measurable information… especially if you are passing it along to the big guy.

I should add that knowing the cities my viewers live in is very important for my business… Having Facebook confirm viewers from : Nanaimo, Vancouver, Whistler, Port Coquitlam and Victoria let’s me know my reach is far greater than with my print advertising. This is incredible exposure – oh and it’s Free for right now.

The following video takes you through my Facebook Business Page Insights Tab…


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