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Today I need to thank Lynne Venner for her suggestion to write a blog about Keeping Social Media Simple…. her exact words were “Keep It Calm”

As a real estate representative in Whistler for the past 18 years, Lynne is extremely busy on a day-to-day base and told me her concerns with fitting another activity such as social media into her schedule.

Lynne found social media a little confusing at first… Lynne is no different then 95% of the people just getting aboard the social media train…

 “What is it all about? I don’t have anymore time in my day!”

Before our class rushed into creating their business page we took a half hour and talked as a group about what a powerful tool for marketing social media could be….How absolutely crazy it was that for now you could be marketing to millions of people absolutely FREE.

If executed correctly…you could spend as little as 15 minutes a day nurturing your Facebook Business Page and within six months you would be seeing favorable results through Facebook Insights… but first you need to buy into the concept that social media really does works, and you need to learn how to effectively post and comment, things such as….When to post….What to say…Why am I on here… and Who cares????

This is why social media for most people just starting should be learned over a period of many months and only one network at a time… you need to understand each one for its value … such as its reach and longevity…you need to find your flow, and comfort……then you can set out to learn another network…spend a month or two getting friendly and building your community before you introduce any other activities into your already busy day… I always start with Facebook Business Pages and then introduce Twitter… However I strongly believe that blogging and video are very powerful marketing tools…but then again I have been writing my blog for years…

All this social media is still very new…please don’t panic if you’re just starting, treat yourself with compassion by giving yourself this new gift of knowledge in small doses, find someone to work with you… nudge you in the right direction…just a little bit of social media everyday.

To all my students here is a review of your homework…

  • Your profile picture is your introduction to your professional business page on Facebook
  • Your Business Page name and your profile picture is your branding and calling card on social media
  • For the first month you need to go out and LIKE 25 other businesses
  • You’ll then need to Like and Comment on those business pages to build your community
  • You’ll make one posting everyday or at least three times a week
  • You will attempt to get people to LIKE you….through our launch process we discussed
  • When you’re out watch for valuable pictures to take and things to post
  • Consider mentioning another Business you are now friends with on Facebook @keepitsimplesocialmedia
  • Comment and ask questions on my page…this is how I can help you…for free!

Can you see how this activity is important and builds your community? Think about what you want to stand for, think about your message travelling around the world… think of how awesome it is that you can promote your city, village or friends…Social Media is about being social, not selling…

If Lynne was set-up with Google Alerts she would know I have written a blog in honor of her great success with taking the first steps in social media and telling me to Keep It Simple…and to slowly incorporate social media into your business…however I will copy the URL and post it on her Business page.



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    That is really helpful Heather! Thank you for posting such great stuff 🙂

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