Looking at the mechanics of WordPress Blogs and adding Widgets


Follow up from Yesterday’s Social Media Tip of the Day

Themes – A theme on WordPress is the overall appearance layout and style of your blog. There are literally thousands to choose from. Every theme is different and as such allows for different content to be added to the sidebar. These add ons are known as Widgets…and they are free..although upgrading your blog gives you more widgets and themes to choose from. Themes can also be purchased.

Widget Definition – Widgets are self-contained code that instruct your computer to do certain tasks, you can add this code to your blog for several reasons, one might be to add a Facebook Business page link next to your written blog, such as you see on mine. Heather-Clifford’s blog or a counter for the number of people who visit your blog. Widgets location is usually on the sidebar of your blog.

Plugins Definition – When used correctly, a Plugin is a PHP file that is uploaded to “wp-content/plugins” existing directory on the web server where WordPress is installed. Once uploaded the plug-in file is ready to go to work for you.

Excellent place to find explanations for the words on WordPress – WordPress Glossary

Here is today’s Social Media Tip:

Have a great weekend, and next week we’ll continue to walk around WordPress.com


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