Free Blogging Tips!

Blogging Tips

 Things You Need to know

  • Blogging started just over ten years ago
  • There are now over 156,000,000 Blogs – don’t worry someone is looking for your information
  • You can write as little or as much as you want  300-500 words recommended
  • You can post daily, weekly or monthly…but be consistent
  • One photo recommended
  • Two links to other web pages recommended (see examples in this blog)
  • Feed your blog into your website
  • Connect the URL to a RSS feed… Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Allow people to LIKE your blog
  • Allow people to subscribe (widgets for doing this)
  • Have Tags and Categories, combination of the two – Ten
  • Have some Headlines
  • Ask for feedback, allow comments
  • Try not to be to “I” centric
  • Watch for more videos on blogging all next week…funny, videos on blogging…that is a win/win situation
  • Try a short video – example below…

Just Do It

The most important thing to remember is have fun…you will love blogging once you get going…I promise. Always double-check your spelling ABC… Ask your friends for feedback and don’t take yourself too seriously unless you’re a brain surgeon. There will always be the smarty pants that sends a comment in a negative tone, but there will be way more people encouraging you along. Make sure you send me your blog to read… I’m no expert, heck who is, some people are more social and others are writers or tech savvy and have all the bells and Whistle’s… when I started I didn’t know anything (about blogging that is)….I just went ahead and did it… We were working on a project that ran out of money for marketing…sound familiar?

I said I was going to show you what a link back was or a link… I’ll do a video on this tomorrow…until then here is a link to my Facebook Business Page – when you get there click the LIKE button…

Keep It Simple Social Media

Yesterday’s Blog

Start a blog about what you are passionate about…I am passionate about Whistler, so I dedicated two years writing about how much fun I was having…In the weeks to come I will start blogging about Nanaimo and my favorite places to go, people I meet and of course the food….Maybe these upcoming blogs will give you a little inspiration…until then TRY IT!!!!


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