Why You Must Start Blogging – Easy Steps to Blogging!

Should I Blog?

What is the big deal with Blogging?

  • Blogs Humanize your company in the market place
  • Incredible information tool – internally or via the web
  • Organizations blog to attract more clients
  • Share your expertise – or speak your mind
  • Become known as the professional in that field
  • Make money
  • Blogging over time will make you well-known in your industry
  • Consistency and valuable information can spread
  • Blogging can increase traffic to your website through Keywords – SEO
  • You can promote other businesses creating a referral attitude
  • Simply by writing out your ability it stimulates your brain and encourages better thought process
  • People will be able to find you quicker, your products will have more airtime on the world-wide-web
  • Brand awareness, meaning Blogs influence the consumer
  • Because if you don’t your competition well!

I don’t know What to Write

I bet you have done some pretty interesting things in your life and believe it or not people love to read about it, about anything actually. However the key reason behind blogging is to be found…. if people are searching the web specifically for a product you have or sell… Bingo – chances of you being found increases profoundly when you take part in writing a blog. During my social media clinics I ask the students what it is I can write about to help them through their social media journey. You could ask your clients and friends the same question. This approach helps you to get to know your clients interests as well.

When I originally started writing my blog I never had a specific reason or product to sell. I wrote about everything that went on in Whistler…everything… After my readership went past 35,000 I realized that there is something for everyone, the world is a very big place made smaller by the world-wide-web….now I just love to write.

Recently I decided to refocus my efforts in the blogging sphere and took an afternoon at a coffee shop writing out everything I could blog about…and now I have set out to write about just that…. Everything…

whistlerheather Blog was my old blog name, I am now living in Nanaimo BC and have changed my Blog Name to:

Heather-Clifford Blog

Getting Started

If you work with more than a few people it might be a good idea to have a group pow wow explaining to your team the new company blog, and allow them to put in their two cents. Maybe run a company competition and allow each employee to share what makes them proud to work for xyz… or have them write about their own job title…. then with their permission add these articles as a blog… this could be an introduction to your clients about the importance of each persons role within the company. You could even turn your monthly news letter into a blog.

You will garner huge company morale by being inclusive and asking the people within your workforce for their in-put… they might even surprise you… remember everyone has their own sphere of influence and by inviting more people to the table you create an opportunity to widen your reach….Do you think they are on Facebook – this is how you cross-pollinate your efforts.

Permission marketing and utilizing your employees as ambassadors for the company….wow, can it get any better?

Do you know most people have no idea what your company stands for, where you give your time and money outside of the payroll….

When you blog you can add exciting pictures and testimonial videos… most blogging platforms make it very easy to use… the problem is not in the technology but the implementation and consistency… maybe make one person at the office in charge of blogging, however not in charge of writing all the blogs….

Why not have a blogging seminar and bring in a blogger to work with the team.

In the next blog I will write more about how to blog – in the meantime please read this important blog about Tags and Categories… if you’re going to spend the time to blog…at least help yourself get found.


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