Top Three Activities To Do On Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Community

Build It and They Will Come

You don’t just move to a small town and become popular over night… you go out and you meet people, you invite them for coffee, maybe dinner and within months your sharing laughs and talking to each other once a week… Your Facebook Business Page is exactly that…. a work in progress…. Could you imagine walking up to your friend and without even saying hello you just start selling to them… good-bye friendship hello talking to yourself.

Think of Facebook Business pages like a virtual shopping mall where you go to meet your friends and sometimes you do shop and buy things. Think of your page as one of the stores in that mall. It’s ok if you’re having a sale to tell people, but make sure it really is a good deal. I’m sure you’d even shop at other stores while you were in the mall… those other stores are the other Business Pages you need to go out and LIKE….

If you are posting on Facebook through your Business Page you’ll want people to actually read what it is you are posting, there are three very important steps to maximise your Business Page.

  1. Consider a well thought out launch of your Business Page – to get people to LIKE it
  2. You as your Business Page need to go out and LIKE other Business Pages
  3. You as your Business Page need to comment and LIKE other postings, besides your own

Your community will grow by referral of the people who visit you, and by always adding valuable, exciting and sometimes even funny postings. Remember, your Business Page is an extension of who you are… and that encompasses things such as, but not limited to:

  1. Your hobbies – cooking, kayaking, sports, bird watching, health and wellness
  2. Your favorite coffee shops, restaurants, dry cleaners, grocery store, deli, wine store
  3. Books, theatre, bingo, hockey, movies you watch
  4. Interesting facts you know
  5. Your vast expertise in your field
  6. Children, grand children, ancestor’s
  7. Work shops or clinics, classes and meetings
  8. Countries you’ve traveled too – your town, Whistler, Nanaimo, Victoria, Coquitlam

I bet you are starting to understand what I mean by how valuable and exciting you are… the people in your community are LIKE you, that is why they are there… Keep them entertained, nobody likes to be bored, patronized or made to feel sad….Connect with them, this isn’t like collecting baseball cards this is more like enjoying the party without actually leaving the house….mind you I am a big fan of getting out face to face with people as often as you can…

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