Want to Know What is Selling in Whistler?

In My Dreams

The market last month (September) seemed to have a little bounce in its step… after a very disappointing summer in real estate sales, September seemed to rebound… This could be a sign that our winter guests are getting ready to enjoy the up coming ski season… maybe… or the slow summer could be reflective of the over-all world economy… turmoil in politics and a slow economic recovery….No matter the reason or season, real estate will always sell…when it’s priced just right.

With enough price adjusting… everything will sell eventually… In fact while townhomes continue to out sell all other product in the market…. Whistler condos and chalets saw the biggest over-all increase in sales for the month of September.

I have supplied two links for you to revisit the sales of 1st and 2nd Quarter:

1st Quarter 2011 – 120

2nd Quarter 2011 – 137

3rd Quarter Sales – 127

July – 30 sales              August – 41 sales        September – 56 sales

Chalet            5                               6                                14

Townhome   12                              24                               16

Condo            7                               5                                19

Shared           3                               4                                 5

Other             3                               2                                  2

The number of homes that sold third quarter were down from second quarter and up over first quarter….Really the market is just putting along… no big swings in either direction, and it’s been like this for over a year.

The buyer in Whistler today is here for the life style Whistler offers, the peace and beauty of a rugged west coast…..where we are more than mountains, lakes and wild animals…. According to my friends in Hong Kong Whistler has the most incredible quality of fresh air, the drinking water right from the hose is delicious and clean….. our golf courses are world-renowned and from Horseshoe Bay to Pemberton there are eight!

Millions of tourist visit our home every year and we tend to pull the heart-strings of a few so much so, that they can’t resist owning a piece of this paradise…..Little by little we continue to grow, and as this happens the secrets of Whistler escape and more and more people call this ski resort their home.


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