One Awesome Twitter and Facebook Similarity


This little @ symbol is a connector and works the same on Twitter as it does on Facebook Business Pages…but heres the key most users don’t understand. Facebook calls the @ Mention Tagging and Twitter calls @ Replies. Don’t get confused, it really is the same thing, you are mentioning another Business and this is a huge form of flattery for that person…Be sincere, but don’t be so cheap with your @ mentions…


  • You don’t need to follow someone to use the @ symbol
  • You can find any @replies in your “Mention” tab on your Home Page
  • Follow Fridays is all about letting the world know who your favorite Peeps are by filling your posts with @handles (Twitter Name)
  • Twitter handles are not case-sensitive – it just looks better to use capitals between names


This example is rather large, you only have 140 characters to use in your Tweets on Twitter, I like to create an opportunity to have my Tweets re-Tweeted (RT) so I stop adding handles or words at around 120-125 characters. Doing this one simple activity on Twitter once a week is an excellent way to say thank you to your Twitter Followers and encourage new users on Twitter to follow some of your favorite Peeps!

Hello Nanaimo and happy #FF – @HeatherClifford @KeepItSimpleSM @FollowImpact99 @JaenyB  @AngelaCroker @Pure_Chiro @AngBarnard @Cathy_Goddard @KeirJewellery @AmberTurnau @CarolyneTaylor @CityofNanaimo     @TheVitaminHouse @TunnicliffeRace @b_West


  • On Facebook you might have noticed when you are on your personal profile and sending a status update out, that once you start typing a friend’s name, a little box appears with their name in it, if you click the box both their first and last name become highlighted in your update…you can even back out their last name and they will still receive the notice that they have been mentioned in your post.
  • On your Business Page when you’re writing in the box “Whats on your mind” (Posting) you actually need to have LIKED that Business to use the @ symbol and recommend their company. (On occasion very populated pages can come up)
  • This encourages interaction and cross-pollination marketing…. Love it!

When you create a conversation on Twitter or Facebook you can encourage more interaction by including more people or businesses in your posting… It really is fun and I recommend trying it out right now… Send me an @MENTION and let’s practice your method of engagement…


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