How to Do You Send a Private Message on Facebook?

Just Between You and Them

When you begin anything in life, because it is new and your brain is not trained to just do it, there will be resistance…Most things we do everyday we don’t even think about, we are on automatic pilot….  In fact learning new things on a regular base is very good exercise for nurturing your brain.

It has come to my attention that my new students become extremely overwhelmed with all the new information they are learning and once a few days has gone by…some very important first steps are forgotten.

Facebook 101

I never really understood this 101 thing… but I am going to say for simple sake our lesson today is to understand how to send a private message on Facebook. This very important interaction between friends…can also be a very powerful marketing tool for your business page.

Sending a private messages is a great way to introduce your new Business Page to some of your friends on your personal profile. I recommend not sending more than 10 people at a time your message…otherwise it does come across as spam.

Today we’ll watch a short 2 minute video explaining sending a private message on Facebook through your personal profile. You cannot send private messages from your business page you can only interact with people who comment on your postings or pages that you have Like….

I can do videos on anything you are struggling with so keep the recommendations coming. Please head over to my “New Business Page” by clicking my link… “Keep It Simple Social Media” and don’t forget to click the Like button… On my page you’ll find blogs, videos and updates about the ever-changing world of social media and simple getting started ideas.


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