Huge No, No For Your Business on Facebook!

Don't mix the two up!

Why You Should Not Use Your Personal Profile as Your Business Page

During a social media class in Nanaimo, one of my students wanted to LIKE a lawyer on Facebook to create cross-pollination marketing for her and the lawyer… she had sent many referrals to his firm this year…  When we looked up the lawyer he was using his personal profile as his business page… because he was using Facebook in this way we couldn’t LIKE him..

The incident however created today’s blog; thank you Janice… You see human nature wants us to help each other be successful and that is why Facebook is the perfect place to increase your marketing efforts by having a business page.

I have put together a large list of WHY you shouldn’t do this.. Please feel free to send this blog to people you know using Facebook in this way… Facebook knows what they are doing and neither you nor I can out smart those Silicon Valley computer wizards.

Top Ten Reasons

  1. Your friends on Facebook will HIDE your posts because they are using their personal profiles for pleasure…not business, they don’t want your business posts irritating them everyday…or their friends and family. The personal profile is not intended for business
  2. Facebook might consider shutting you down for inappropriate use – risk of suspension
  3. A Business Page can grow virally – while your personal profile cannot.
  4. You have a limit of 5000 friends – no limit on a business page
  5. Facebook Business Pages content can be indexed by search engines like Google
  6. You can build your organic ranking with Google through all your social media pages
  7. You can have multiple administrators who are anonymous
  8. BIG ONE – Facebook business pages can use i-Frames, applications and tabs
  9. Facebook business pages have analytics to measure your efforts “View Insights” they calculate impressions, even if your viewer doesn’t let you know they were there…Facebook tells you they were through metrics
  10. Business pages can only like other business pages – while your personal profile can like people and business pages – so it stays professional and can work like a referral network.

If you knew something was better for you, doesn’t it make perfect sense to stop what doesn’t really work and start putting all your efforts towards proactive engagement…. for you and your business. Let me know if I can help you get rolling with a sticky, interesting and fun Business Page….


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