Free Real Estate on Facebook!

Free Real Estate on Facebook

Look a little different?

Soon all Facebook users will have what looks like the screen shot above as their personal profile home page. This is my new personal profile on Facebook. Your’s of course will look different because your photos will be yours… the roll out for new personal profiles has begun…

Notice that big beautiful picture of the rainbow? This is known now as your cover page and it’s big and exciting if you choose to use it to its full potential…. Last week I had a welcome mat that said “Go away”… probably not good for business, but it was fun…and it was on my personal profile… this is where I’m suppose to be social and fun…It is easy to switch out the picture and I’ve seen some really clever home pages some of my friends have done with very cool shots…If you’re an artist it would be a great place to showcase your art… If you’re a real estate agent however I don’t recommend you use it for selling…. I’ve seen several people who ignore the messages about selling through their personal profiles, and I am going to write about that next.

Free Real Estate

I mentioned free real estate in my title because I notice many people miss this very unique and special way to promote their Business Page… while your friends are on your personal profile they can see where you work…Mine is Linked to my Facebook Business Page Keep It Simple Social Media – Training and Consulting Nanaimo. Look at the red arrow in the picture above – this is where Facebook allows you to add your employer (work)… If you own your own business and have created a business page on Facebook you’ll want to make sure it is linked to your personal profile page. This way if people click on it, they are taken straight to your business Page. Try it, while on your personal profile click on your business name and see where Facebook takes you…most people are advertising in a space that goes nowhere or to someone elses page. In fact you should click on all the links and see where they go.

Edit Profile or Update Info

If you scroll over to the right of the page when you are in Update Info you will see….Work and Education you can click the “X” to remove what is there now and add your Facebook Business Page… as soon as you start typing your name it will pop up on the screen. Remember to click “Done Editing”…if you are still in the old Facebook you click “Save Changes”

It is wise to use Facebook to its full potential and enjoy all the little perks that are purposely put there. Make sure your true location is also correct…I recently changed mine during a social media class I was teaching in Nanaimo BC… as I have just moved from Whistler… Update – Update – Update

All these little changes you make will help the SEO ranking when people are searching your name in Google…everything is tied together…

I’d also recommend you let any of your friends know this little tip so we all can look professional together. Share – Share – Share


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