How Many Posts a Day Should You Do On Facebook?

Tortoise and the Hare - Social Media

Is Less more?

We all learn through trial and error, although asking questions along the way would seem extremely beneficial as social media evolves. In my case I am teaching people how to use social media to compliment other marketing initiatives to help keep their name and company top of mind for potential clients….. It is a gradual start for everyone, my Business Page usually feeds into my clients news feed on their Business Page or even their personal profile news feed as a way for them to keep updated with the changing world of social media… Please don’t mistake this for my postings feeding into their postings… this does not happen unless I was to post directly onto their page… I don’t recommend doing this as you’ll probably end up being blocked by that page as SPAM.

Keep It Simple Social Media Facebook Business Page

If I was posting every hour or five times a day on my own business page… this would take up a lot of space on anyone who was following me if they had a new business page. Therefore if I was posting enormous amounts of material it would seem a little too much for most people.

I know this myself first hand because I get too many postings from some of the pages I have liked. It comes down to a fine balancing act. Look at who likes your Business Page and ask them – what is a comfortable number of posts from my business onto your news feed? You might also ask yourself if all the postings you are doing add any benefit or value to your readers… otherwise it is known as more White Noise.

I feel comfortable with one to three posts a day… Some of my friends have said they only post once every other day.

Sometimes too much is just that, too much, do you think this is annoying as well? From what I’ve been told it certainly can be. Common sense and an understanding that we can only read so many postings in a day… short and sweet will win the race. Think… “The Tortoise and the Hare”

Let me know what you think – and let me know other areas in social media you struggle with – I’ll write about it.


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