Congratulations You’re Engaged w/ Social Media

Are You Really?

How Do You Know?

With yesterdays Social Media Tip of the Day I thought you might want a little more information.. Then again a little knowledge sometimes is dangerous… Let’s step out on the limb a little…thats where all the fruit grows..

Being connected on social media with Twitter, Facebook and all the other options there are…does not make you sucessful…that would be a destination… Social Media is a journey.

It is through engagement and time that you and your company become engrained in your followers minds…Consistancy is only one answer. You must communicate with your little village of like-minded people…If they didn’t like something about you or your news feeds they wouldn’t spend their time reading your posts…. right?

It is very important that you like other business pages and read their posts and comment when you feel its right. You cannot just simply click the like button…all the time.

Remember if your community is like-minded they probably would appreciate the vast knowledge you have in your field of ability… but beyond your work you are a person of many talents and life experiences.. You might be an avid bird watcher, belong to a wine group, reading club, golf, runner or jump from airoplanes…your work is an extension of who you are…this is “SOCIAL” media… let’s bring a little social into our posts…

I personally love doing small one minute videos of my awesome runs or walks along the ocean..or to let you know of a hidden treasure in Whistler or Nanaimo… I use to write on my blog about the birds along the ocean in Victoria.

Tips, tricks, recipes, Top 10 and other ideas are part of creating engagment…yes your business is separate from your life… (in one small way) but we are not on social media to sell our product….all the time, we are here to engage and create a community through giving and sharing… to keep our business and name top of mind to our readers…for when they need your product or service..

Be fun, be interesting and throw in a few laughs a long the way… that doesn’t make you a bad person…it makes you real… and we all need and love to laugh…

Here is another very important tip: If you create a business page out of your personal profile…NO other business page can like you… that limits your ability to use the cross-pollination of viral marketing…


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