Finding What works in the Social Media Maze

It's Amazing!

Which Social Media Tool is Best for Your Business?

101 Twitter

You don’t think Twitter is right for your company?????

A number of us have come from the old school of “sales” we cannot figure out how to get our message through to people … it seems impossible to take off our sales rep hat…

This is tough, it’s what we’ve learned for more than 30 years…but all you need to do is look at the people out there using social media just like a news paper ad… sell, sell, sell…and you’ll realize quickly you need to adapt or you’ll lose to speak.

Social media does not work the same way you were trained to sell in the past. I know you almost feel like you must sell that widget or property through these new tools…. but don’t do it.. just resist the need to post using these old methods of selling…From Victoria to Nanaimo and straight up to Whistler BC I’ve been collecting Twitter friends and working on a small community of like-minded people….I wouldn’t dream of selling to them… but I am enjoying the aspect of sharing my social media knowledge to help them in their business. You want to do geographical lists and professional lists… and don’t forget we all have a personal life too…It is the sharing of your years of expertise that derives your value…and success.

Once you understand the lingo for social media you’ll be able to explain this to your boss or client…. You only need to ask them how they feel when they see this type of marketing, and then they sympathize with you…My own eyes are trained to skim right past product sales….You are the only person that can decide to stop…it won’t be easy at first to understand the value in not-selling …I can tell you from the hundreds of people I work with that each person feels different about each network… and by far Twitter is the most mis-understood.

Twitter for me was incredible during the Olympics and I was Tweeting as a mascot under cover… but once I tried to use it in my other line of work…I was confused about it’s purpose… for over a year I struggled to make it fit… I see this dazed and confused look on several people… I believe Twitter is a network that all of a sudden hits you… It’s funny one day the light bulb is going to turn-on….you’ll say “There’s the value…I get it!”

But you must persist…

Today Tweeting for me is amazing opposed to being pointless. It’s important to realize that this feeling never appeared over night… You need to start slow – think about what your message is going to be and how you want people to feel about what you are saying.. the biggest hurdle is figuring this out. Think of Twitter as a referral network… build your value proposition and promote others as you go along…In time you’ll become recognized for the value you add to people’s lives and then your product….


Why not host a social get together with your team and discuss all the valuable aspects of your company. Do a round robin and allow each person on your team to give their thoughts… Remember every person working for you is an expert in their department and sharing their opinion is a valuable asset…it also helps them feel valued as an employee.

Make sure you have a facilitator present and someone taking notes… you don’t want to miss writing down anything. It’s probably wise to do this in the morning as many people are early morning thinkers..

Harness the value that is right beneath your own roof… possibility thinking along with group in-put is extremely valuable today. Taking your Human Resource department and giving them permission with a new approach for team work creates a strong “working environment” ….the sooner you catch on the faster you’ll see the power in cross-pollination viral marketing..


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