Learn Twitter in One Week – Day “Five”

Learn Twitter


Today we will celebrate at the end of class… we have put about three hours into Twitter over five days and you should feel completely different about Twitter then you did on Monday… Twitter is beginning to make sense… By now you should be following 200 peeps… and hopefully at least 100 peeps are following you back… But don’t despair this number will grow as you grow on Twitter…or as Twitter grows on you…. just keep adding valuable peeps to your following every time you go into your Twitter account..

  • You should have spent a little time deciding what your marketing message on Twitter will sound like… Have a basic idea of what your followers would expect from your business…

Example: “Keep It Simple Social Media”

  • Our message is about social media tools, tricks, and tips of the day… with an added bonus of Life as it happens…. because my business is a reflection of who I am… for every person it will be different, that is why you have no competition with social media… we are all unique people.
  • Make sure you are responding to Direct messages and mentions, and retweeting some of your peeps postings that resonate with you or your business. This homework gets easier every Tweet… so less time is needed and your well oiled marketing machine is off and running practically on its own.
  • Your Graphic back ground should now look professional…you might have changed your profile bio a few times…and you have a link added back to your website…
  • You might have gone ahead and downloaded the Twitter app. on your  i-Phone so you can Tweet from restaurants, or as the sun is setting… gorgeous shots of food and scenery… remember promoting other businesses is the most rewarding thing you can do on Twitter…helping the people in your life that you appreciate….
  • One of the best ways to learn anything in life is to help others to learn it as well… and with social media the more people using the networks the more successful we will all be.

The last thing we are going to learn on our Twitter lesson is

HashTags #######

Twitter HashTags

Here is what a hashtag looks like – found on your laptop computer on the same key as the #3 (three). People who use the Hashtag symbol are looking for their Tweets to be found when other people use the search bar – looking for information to do with the topic they have typed in.. Peeps use this symbol to categorize their Tweets to show up in the Twitter search criteria more easily –  they use the relevant keywords with-in their 140 characters.

You can add the Hashtag tag anywhere in the Tweet – it does not have to be in the beginning or even the end…anywhere! If you saw a Hashtag in a message and clicked on it – it would show you any relevant Tweets using the same Hashtag. Some people do abuse the Hashtag symbol, so be considerate each time you use it…. It really is one valuable tool on Twitter

Sometimes searching using the hashtag symbol can help you find new peeps to follow….or get the news as it happens

A trending topic is formed from a Hashtag that becomes very popular within the Twitter sphere…

Hashtags are used a lot at Tweet-ups, conventions, and political rallys…. Take a moment and look through your Twitter stream and see if you can spot a Hashtag – now click on it.

The following (no pun intended) video is a brief overview:

Alright – you’re done – you’re well on your way to Twitter stardom… congratulations on completing “One Week To Twitter Success”… now go celebrate and have a great weekend.

Please feel free to share these lessons with your colleagues and direct them over to “Keep It Simple Social Media” on Facebook so they too can stay up-to-date with all the new emerging trends on social media. Click the Like button when you get there…


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