One Week to Twitter Success – Day Four

Twitter Exhaustion

Don’t give up you’re almost there… Stay focused and upbeat… one little thing everyday and I know you’ll be successful.

Today is a review of your Profile Page and what I mean by this is on Twitter you actually have a profile page that has tabs that you might want to use at some point. (I am not referring to the profile button found in settings which you find if you click on the little arrow under your name, and then go through settings to profile).

On the profile page is where your peeps can read who you are – so make sure you don’t come across sounding like a bore…  you also want to have links back to your Website or Facebook Business Page – Have a look at my Profile Page


Today we are going to talk about the tab labeled Profile on your home page – click it and head over so we can walk through its role.

Tweets: This is where you will see all your Tweets, even your re-tweets

Favorites: I love clicking on people or businesses and favoring them so I can come back to them and stay current with their postings. In my video below I show you how to do this.

Following: This is who you follow

Followers: This is who follows you

Lists: We reviewed lists yesterday, and as you see, there are many ways to find the List tab on Twitter

We’ll now move over one tab to Messages – here is where we find people who have sent you a message – in the top middle you can click on send a message and add the Twitter handle of the person you’d like to send a message to. The other choice is if they are showing up in your message stream, click on their name and you’ll notice on the right side a little box is opened for you to write a message to them.

Tomorrow we’re going to spend the day talking hashtags.######


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