One Week to Twitter Success – Day Three

Understanding Twitter

“Stop Right There – Before you go any further”

The answer we’ve all been waiting for – what the heck is Twitter… I just don’t get it… Don’t worry most people haven’t figure out the power of Twitter yet – but when you do… I’m positive you’ll love it!

Twitter is a social networking platform that is on-line (web-based). It is known today as a micro-blogging service that allows readers and users to send text messages of up to 140 characters – known as “Tweets”

It is my recommendation that you never use the entire 140 characters – by leaving space for another users name such as, @keepitsimplesm – it allows that person to retweet your message if they find it of interest…. this is a goal you should always keep in mind… is my Tweet – Re-Tweetable?

Twitter has gained huge popularity in the last couples of years for political rally’s, sports events and conferences… even celebrity deaths such as Michael Jackson was covered using Twitter… today there are over 200 million people Tweeting…

Think of Twitter as your own little community of like-minded people (peeps)… what interests you, probably interests them… short, yet important news updates… as it happens.

Examples of Tweets

  •  Did you know?
  •  Top Ten
  •   Quotes
  •  Links to articles
  •  Awesome pictures of fabulous scenery and events you are at…
  • Cool video

* As long as you don’t connect your tweets through to your Facebook account you could tweet all day… The more Tweets the better..I believe at least 5 tweets a day at different times will benefit you and your business…..

Like blogging, Tweeting shows you are the authority, it allows you to market without selling, it gives you added visibility on the world-wide-web and is a social connector… think “Referral” when you think of Twitter… having people Tweet about you is very powerful… give them permission to… If you like what you’ve experienced…Tweet about it… however remember with social media it could also work as a negative comment about your business… that’s one of the reasons you need to be vigilant about your reputation on the web.


  • 40% of Tweets are pointless babble (keeping your business in the minds of the reader)
  • 38% is real conversations… this is very good!
  • 9% is pass-along valuable information
  • 6% Self-promotion… keep this to a minimum
  • 4% unwanted spam… don’t do it
  • 4% is as it happens news – fastest information you can acquire “LIVE”
  • Twitter headquarters is in San Fransisco
  • Twitter is one of the 10 most visited web sites
  • Launched in July 2006

“Twitter is short burst of inconsequential information and Chirps” – Jack Dorsey (Founder)

The following is a short one minute video for your – “Day Three” – Twitter Success in one Week



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