One Week To Twitter Success – Day Two

Creating Lists on Twitter

Being Organized on Social Media

In the beginning it really doesn’t seem that important to put your new friends in separate lists…why would I, this takes more time? You probably still haven’t done this on Facebook.

“Organized People are Just too Lazy to Look for Things”

As the weeks go by and you go from 100 friends to 2000 friends it will become harder and harder to remember who they all are… You will find yourself remembering a great Tweet, but not the Peep that Tweeted it.

Twitter makes organizing and listing your friends very easy, and that means when you want to find someone you only know from the internet and cannot remember their name… it will be much simpler to revert back to your organized lists.

  • Keeping this screen open – open a new screen on your page – This can be accomplished by clicking the little box under your URL bar, next to the small box already open.
  •  Go into your Twitter account
  • Find someone to Follow
  • Click the Follow button to begin following your new friend
  • Go to the middle of your screen, upper right, and click the little icon with an arrow down and a mans head

Follow Lists on Twitter

  • It could say one of two things besides “Mention” “Block” “Report”
  • You are looking for – Add to list or create list, if you already have an existing list and want to add this person to it, just click the box
  • If you have no lists the other prompt is “Create List” click and follow instructions. Make sure you call the list something that is easy to add a number of different professionals to… Examples: Social Media – Vancouver Island – Cooking – Wine – Celebrity – Politics
  • I want you to go back to the people you started to follow yesterday and add them to lists – just look up at the top right side of your screen for “Following” click on this
  • The last way to Follow people is kinda fun and you need your own reasons for doing this… Your lists are made public and you can follow anyones lists. It might be smart not to create lists that are negative, such as “People I Hate”
  • Just click on someones name you are following – look to the upper left screen – you’ll see “Tweets” | “Following” | “Followers” | “Listed”
  • Click on Listed – Now in the middle of the screen (you might need to scroll down) you will see Lists Following that person – you have a choice of also following these Lists
  • If you only want to Follow Lists created by the person you have searched out, just look up to the right and you will see an icon saying Lists – these are Lists created by the person you have entered – click on Lists  – Follow the ones you choose.
  • Note: If you want to see posts by any of these people in those Lists – you actually need to follow them manually … but at anytime you can refer to that list…
  • Sounds confusing at first… and it is… practice solves the mystery…
  • Like anything in life – you get out of it – as much as you put in!
  • Todays assignment – follow 25 people and put them all into lists – follow a few lists other people have created
  • I will continue to give you fun websites that can help your Twitter account in many different ways… today is Listorious
  • Check out my Twitter Lists: HeatherClifford    –    KeepItSimpleSM


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