One Week to Twitter Success – Day One

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The last week of September is dedicated to getting you up and running on Twitter…. Tips and Tricks and Goodies…enjoy!

  1. You should try to acquire your own name on Twitter HeatherClifford One account is all you need to stay connected. Remembering that your business is an extension of who you are. (Not to be confused with your Facebook Profile which is completely separate from your Facebook Business Page. Your Twitter name is known as your “Twitter Handle”
  2. Always fill in every detail on your bio adding links back to your website. Look at other successful Twitter accounts and model yourself after them. Have fun and personality…who wants to follow someone that’s all serious.
  3. If you cannot afford ($125) to purchase a professional graphic design for your twitter background, which by-the-way can also be used for all your other social media accounts…choose one from the many Twitter background options or on the world-wide-web… Just Google Twitter Background Free…
  4. Notifications: In the top right corner click on your name – click on settings – In the middle of your screen you will see notifications – I recommend you unclick the boxes that will soon annoy you if you leave them checked with the send me an e-mail option anytime activity happens on your twitter account
  5. I don’t recommend you to add your Tweets to Facebook – this is a third-party message and Facebook algorithms do not recognize this tweet as an authentic post on Facebook – not to mention a lot of people get annoyed by this type of constant marketing.

Finding Friends to Follow

This is probably one of the most important activities for you to do on Twitter besides posting an update three to five times a day (when you first start) Here is why it is so important: If you have no one following you, who is reading your Tweets? This is really a catch 22 – I personally like to see what people tweet about before I follow them and I like to see how active they are on twitter. Find some awesome people to follow – Go into the search bar and search the city you live in, such as type “Nanaimo” once you press the search icon you might want to save this search, so you can refer to it at a later date.

You will recognize some people or businesses and you can quickly read their tweets….you just need to click on the twitter name and on the right hand side of your screen you’ll see a highlighted green box with the word follow… just click it… it’s that simple.

Search out some valuable information that is aligned with your business and tweet it out, add links and pictures and videos… This will give people an idea of who you are and what you’ll be tweeting about…

You should spend at least 30 minutes every other day building your twitter following and tweeting. Eventually this will turn into 10 minutes a day. The important thing to remember is post and follow, post and follow, post and follow… read other tweets once you have followers and comment on their posts just like on Facebook… build your community… It’s not quantity, it is the quality of your followers that will count in the long run. Within six months you will have a very valuable tool for marketing…

There are some fabulous Twitter tools to help you find friends one of our favorites is “Twellow” helping you to find peeps – Geographically, Politically, Society – Culturally…

In the coming days we will go much more into detail on Twitter – who to follow and what to say… for now, let’s just get your account set-up, and a few tweets out into the universe..

Tweet you Later – Cheers!

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